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Arti Singh Takes Brother Krushna Abhishek’s Wardrobe To The Bigg Boss 13 House

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Jyothi Venkatesh

Arti Singh has entered the house as the 13th contestant in the Bigg Boss 13 house!  Arti so far has been known as Krushna’s sister and Govinda’s niece but the actress mentioned that she is looking forward for the world to see the real Arti!  What also excited us was that Arti mentioned on stage that she is taking her brother’s jackets into the house so that she can wear them whenever she is in the worst of situations.  While many actresses earlier have taken fancy wardrobes into the house, Arti comes across as very genuine on stage.  Rather than talking about her night suits or fancy wardrobe, Arti opens up about reminding herself of her brother and the responsibilities that come with belonging to the family she does through his clothes.  Arti and Krushna brought a lot of humor on to stage breaking the nervous energy of the contestants as the show brings a lot of new challenges for each contestant that walks into the house.

Here’s Arti speaking about her journey into the Bigg Boss house….

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