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“As an actress, I would not at all shy away from wearing a sexy two piece bikini or having a passionate lip lock on the screen” SHREYA KULKARNI


In this free, frank and uninhibited no holds barred e-mail chat for Mayapuri , pretty and petite and what’s more really cool SHREYA KULKARNI , who has acted in TV serials in Marathi as well as Hindi tells JYOTHI VENKATESH exclusive interview that thanks to nepotism which is gaining grounds in the film industry today, she is almost tempted to think of putting her surname as Kapoor in place of Kulkarni so that it can show that the Kapoors are her ancestors.

How did you get your break as an actress?

I was interested in flaunting myself rather a little too much. I was more interested in fashion, glamorous lifestyles and attractive looks that some people carry, so I decided that probably I should also go modeling. I am brought up in a place famous for bananas (Jalgaon).

So how did you begin?

I jumped into modeling taking steps for this career in the same city. There was no career in this city for modeling ,but yet I chose a show when I was 12 and prepared myself for one of the kids modeling shows held in Jalgaon (of course no one would pay me coz I was a raw child besides being just a fresher).

When I was doing my graduation I got to know about a movie which was supposed to be shot in Jalgaon.

Considering myself as the one and only beauty of that small town I called up people related to the project and literally begged for a role, and hey presto, I got it. It was titled Western location and was directed by Amey Joshi.

Was acting in your mind since childhood?

No acting was not at all in my mind but yes I always loved to mimic people and do it today as well. I used to love the typical serials and their saas bahu dialogues and used to mouth the same in front of my mom, loved acting somehow and wanted to see myself on the screen.

Why did you want to be an actress?

I love to act and don’t want to waste my god gifted face in just getting married to some billionaire and being a bahurani of someone and sitting at home and taking care of my husband and the kids. I wanted to explore and get famous.

I wanted to make my parents feel proud. I love myself and will love myself forever. I prefer going with the flow and letting the universe decide.

Which are your best films/series/TV shows till date?

It would be really a surprising thing for you to know that being an actress I don’t usually watch movies, shows, series etc. I love watching all my movies and all my work.

To what extent do you believe in destiny?

I believe 200% on destiny and our efforts are add ons for the same. I always like to get out of the box.

My thoughts have always been the opposite of people in my community. I never settled with anyone’s decision.

I never loved to get pressurized. I was kicked out of 5 jobs because my mind was not stable and I was just thinking of my acting career whenever I was at my workplace.

I always have had very few friends as no one loves my thoughts of leading the life of a free bird.

Do you think luck is just an excuse for those who lack talent?

No. Luck plays a 65-70% role in your career whatever career you may choose. Though my luck is with me, it’s not just luck but my face (my god gift as I stated) helped me a lot in my career.

Were you not scared of the syndrome of the casting couch? Did you encounter any such experience in Bollywood, or for that matter Marathi film industry?

I have encountered the casting couch multiple times. And no I am not at all scared of the same. After all it’s all up to you.

If you want to choose that route it will be simpler to jump, but not as high as possible. The path must be genuine and realistic to survive in the industry.

The genuine and clean you are the higher you fly in the film industry. The speed will be a bit slow but you will be successful in your field.

Who are your favorite actors and actresses?

My favorites are myself, Shah Rukh Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Kangana Ranaut.

Which are the directors on your wish list?

Anurag Kashyap and Nagraj Manjule, besides of course Steven Spielberg

Is virginity a really overrated virtue in today’s times?

I am of the opinion that the concept differs from person to person. As long as feminism is valued this concept will last as long as feminism will.

Would you consider it a compliment if a man calls you ‘sexy’?

The meaning of ‘sexy’ differs from person to person and depends on the situation the person is calling you sexy.

Your eyes may be sexy; your nose may be sexy. So that’s not all about your body being entirely sexy. Still if someone calls me sexy it would definitely be a compliment.

Are you open to appear in a bikini and do passionate and scorching lip to lip kisses on the screen?

As long as I am having a strong and well known cast with me as my co-actors I am all ok and would not at all shy away from wearing a two piece bikini or having a lip lock.

What kind of men appeal to you?

Tall, decent, and preferably a person who talks too less attracts me more as I start craving to know more about him if he does not open up much.

Which part in a man attracts you the most and why?

A magnanimous heart in a man attracts my soul

What is your take on #MeToo syndrome?

It was all a ‘go with the flow’ thing that happened in the industry. One posted and others got the chance to be a part of that.

What do you think of living with a man and having sex with him before marriage?

My religion says this is not what you must go for.

Are you open to acting on TV and the web too?

I have been a part and parcel of TV serials like Rang Majha Vegla (Star Pravah), Crime Patrol (Sony), Tujhse Hai Raabta etc. Any day, I would love to be a part of any big banner mega series.

How would you describe yourself as a person?

I am a very open minded, open hearted and a person with the mindset to explore a lot more in life. I learn a new thing daily.

I learn 365 new things in 365 days, as each day brings with it a new thing and thus have a collage of myriad experiences.

Which are the five actors who you like in Marathi film industry?

Priya Bapat, Siddharth Chandekar, Ankush Chaudhary, Girish Kulkarni and Nana Patekar.

What do you think about nepotism?

This is a controversial topic everyone wants to ask. Frankly, I feel that because of nepotism real talent is getting affected.

Real and genuine people are struggling while producer ka beta or beta is playing lead roles. I am almost tempted to think of putting my surname as Kapoor in place of Kulkarni so that it can show that they are my ancestors.

Can you elucidate?

Real beauties’ real talents are hidden in the junior artists who are playing crowd roles and managing to earn their bread and butter.

Junior artists are the ones having really great talent hidden in them. If we take their auditions they would definitely replace leads as far as acting skills are concerned.

But this nepotism will never give them a chance.Females above 60 will look as if they are in their 30’s because they are from established film families.

They hide their age with the help of surgeries that they can easily afford, but even though all of us know the truth, we chose to keep numb because nepotism will never stop.

How would you differentiate between love and lust?

Love is that power which forces you to compromise everything while lust is the attraction and the thing which forces you towards body of opposite gender this causing unwanted sex and rapes

Would you play a lesbian if you are asked to do a web series?

Yes I would play as it will be a part of my work. Priya Bapat has played a lesbian woman in Nagesh Kukunoor’s web series City of Dreams which has inspired me about her dedication towards work

What is your opinion about guys who are gay?

It’s all about the human tendency and thought that provokes you to do anything. If you mind needs a guy and you are a guy then you are a gay.

If your thoughts and body are attracted towards a woman and you are a woman, then you are lesbian that’s it. It’s all God created natural things.

To what extent are you ready to shed your clothes if required in front of the camera?

I am ready to flaunt my cleavage because it’s sexy to hold the eye of the viewer on the screen. I bet my cleavage would only goad the viewer to watch the entire movie/series/album etc.

Do you think sex is an automatic must in every relationship?

It’s a natural phenomenon set by the universe to attract the opposite sex. No living being can change this phenomenon and enter into a different zone.

What is your height? Do you think it can pose a hindrance in your acting career?

in the beginning of my career I thought that my height which is 5.4 may not give me work but Salman, Shah Rukh with too less height had already made a havoc in the industry

Do you think a boyfriend will be a baggage in a young actress’s life and career?

(Hhahahahha) That’s a seriously hilarious question but I think almost 99.99% of actresses in general tend to have more than one boyfriend.

Actresses generally keep boyfriends for contacts, for emergencies, for safety reasons or for some kind of love and affection they get as the actresses are coming to Mumbai from too long distances and need a support system in Mumbai.

Boyfriends tend to be from different areas of Mumbai so that the girl gets emergency help in those areas.

An actress cannot marry each and every boyfriend around and hence she marries very late and only the one she really loves.

Actresses see the family background when they get married. While having an affair they are too open but while marrying they look towards every act of their life which may sometimes include a good guy who is financially very sound.