Ashish Kapoor resumes shoot in Mumbai

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Ashish Kapoor resumes shoot in Mumbai

Ashish Kapoor feels good to come back home and shoot in Mumbai again. The actor plays the role of Adarsh in Rajan Shahi’s Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 - Jyothi Venkatesh


After lockdown was announced in Mumbai during the second wave of Covid-19 in April, cast and crew of Hindi TV shows moved base to Goa, Gujarat and Dadra and Nagar Haveli.

Now that things have started opening up, they are back to the city again as the state government has allowed shooting to resume in Mumbai following strict SOPs.

“After a good two months, we are back to our set, home, bed and of course home cooked food. What can be better than that?” says the actor.

However, he also admits that shooting out of Mumbai was a good change. “It was quite an experience because we all stayed there for two months and it’s quite different from what you expect.


We would get ready in our rooms and then step out to shoot in and around the same resort.

Then we ate our food together that was of course provided by the resort and could sit for long hours and talk. Since no one was travelling back and forth, we had more time at hand to work,” he adds.

He remembers the open space in the resort, where he could go for walks, eating Oreo biscuits and feeding and playing with rabbits. For him, the location was no less dreamy.

Ashish is happy that amid all these the show could entertain the viewers. In fact, the new twists and turns are also getting much attention.


“The interesting part was we were bound to write the story according to the location so that was challenging but then things fell into place because of the viewer's support.

Now, the current track is where Pratigya comes home and there is a face-to-face between her and Meera is also very interesting given the tension between them. Komal is finally back and therefore her track with Adarsh is also going strong,” he adds.

The actor also is thankful to the producer for taking care of their needs. “All the needed precautions of Covid were followed.

We were tested and after reports came out then only we went ahead with the shoot and it was a bio-bubble setup so nobody was allowed to meet anyone except for people from the team in the resort and even outside,” he shares.

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