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Ashish Trivedi On Everything You Need To Know About His Show Skull And Roses


Jyothi Venkatesh

Ashish Trivedi, who is seen in the reality show Skull and Roses, says that project is very important to him. The actor says that he loves the concept of the show. “I got a call from Monozygotic productions for an audition and got selected. The concept of the show is so amazing. Every individual has two qualities one is selflessness and the other is selfishness. And both of them are required to survive on this show. When you are on Rose Island, you need to be selfless and loving in nature with your partner in order to survive whereas when you were on Skull Island, you need to be selfish and think about yourself only. So basically, it’s a fight between I and me,” he says. The show has a lot of bold content too. “I was apprehensive about the bold scenes but being an actor, I had to challenge myself and push my limits. So, I did whatever was mandatory but didn’t indulge in unnecessary stuff just to gather attention,” he says.Meanwhile, the actor, who made his debut with TV show Udaan says it will always be special to him. “My character, Prakash in Udaan, was Sameer’s, the lead character’s best friend. Prakash was very happy and a totally desi person. He was from UP and had come to Mumbai for his studies and was always inclined towards his family values and culture. He loved his friend Sameer more than anything. Sameer always had his back too. I am like Prakash. The response that I got for my character was pretty good. People loved Prakash, they still message me on my social media,” he says.

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