Ashmit Patel ,”I didn’t want my ,”Gigolo” character  to go into the sleazy space”

Ashmit Patel was earlier known as actress Ameesha Patel’s brother. His earlier films Murder’, ‘Fight Club- Members Only”, ‘Banaras: A Mystic Love Story’ didn’t help him get the limelight. Salman Khan Starrer film,”Jai Ho” was a comeback film for him which didn’t add much to his career. Ashmit Patel has now pocketed a few films and OTT shows. His latest film titled ,”Sector Balakot” directed by Hitesh Paulbhai Khristy is all set to release on 17th February,2023. Ashmit’s few ready  projects  are “Madrasi Gang “and has 4 shows ready for release on OTT platform. Ashmit is also playing the lead in a show titled,” Gigolo”A multi-tasking guy Ashmit is a DJ gig now. Films, shows and being a DJ, Ashmit has proved that it’s the survival of the fittest.

Elaborating a bit about his latest film, “Sector Balakot” he says, “We have seen many films on terrorism. We have also seen many films on the Indo-Pak struggles. This is a very different take on war. It is basically highlighting a take on how war and terrorism is actually a business. The money that is pumped into is to be earned back. It’s purely a business with vested interests. It’s not a documentary but a very entertaining film which will leave you with a lot of questions; some are answered while some are not. We always believe terrorism and Jihad go hand in hand, but that’s not the case in this.

Ashmit expresses his gratitude for having sailed through the shares of his struggles surviving well professionally, “It is the survival of the fittest. I thank the universe. I have a lot of gratitude. I guess still being relevant is a huge thing. I don’t know the reason but it’s something to do with Karma. I think I am a good human-being. I have never hurt anybody deliberately nor have I done anything inadvertently. I am quite a good soul. Maybe that has something to do with my going.

About doing DJ gigs, another addition to his work front he asserts, “I also DJ, I have a DJ gig in Siliguri and then in Goa. I have a wedding of a local Goan to perform as a DJ. With films nothing is stable so I chose this alternative career.  The advent of the OTT space has really helped all actors/technicians across the board. I have been working consistently for OTT.It’s always good to have an alternative outlet.

Ashmit has a film and three shows ready for release, giving away the details he says, “My next release is a film called;”Madrasi Gang” which is in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. We shot simultaneously. Every shot we did in Hindi followed by Tamil and Telugu.This is going to be an India film .In that I am again playing a Maharashtrian negative character. This is based on the underworld of Mumbai. It is based on internal gang rivalry. I stand against the South Indian gang. There are three complete shows- Jinny Singh, Sammy and another one is called Gigolo. I play the title role. Gigolo

Explaining about Gigolo’s role and its preparations he shares,” We are not following any individual. I was attached to the project even  before the director came on board. I had given them creative inputs. This character is larger than life so I didn’t want it to go into the sleazy space. I was very concerned. I didn’t want too much graphic happening. And when the director came in, he had his inputs as well. It’s been a collective effort.

Adding further about the emotional side of the Gigolo’s in general he quips, “Every human being has emotions. We are in fact touching the romantic side of a gigolo how he falls in love with his client. How he gets convinced to take on this profession. When he meets his clients it’s not about just offering his services to them. He is different from the rest because he understands the needs of his client emotionally. If someone wants to go in for a gigolo there must be an emotional need. Usually the physical need also manifests from an emotional need. We particularly tried to give this character a more human side. Sometimes the chemistry of a husband and wife dies and biologically they are not able to satisfy their partner. Therefore they look for a gigolo.