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Ashna Kishore is thankful to producers, as they have made sure that we are safe!


Shooting in a pandemic is no cakewalk. However, actor Ashna Kishore, who is part of Binaiferr and Sanjay Kohli’s Happu ki Ultan Paltan, says that she feels safe on the sets of her show as all the protective measures are in place. “Shooting during these pandemic times is difficult and to walk out from home with complete security measures and then walking out from set to home with the same is not an easy task. But thanks to our producers, they have made sure that we are safe. Our bags are sanitized every day, our temperature is checked, no one, except for our unit, is allowed on the sets and in case if someone is coming, then everyone is checked properly before allowing them to enter the sets. Everything is taken care of very well by Sanjay Sir and Binaiferf ma’am. And coming back to me, yes, I take all measures and I myself sanitise my things and bags. I have kept room sanitisers, gloves and we wear proper masks, when not doing any scenes. I try keeping proper social distance from everyone as much as possible when not shooting for scenes as while shooting scenes, it’s not possible,” she says.
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“The issue is that the same symptoms are seen in a normal viral fever too” Ashna

Ashna KishoreOf course, hearing someone cough or sneeze is scary. “The issue is that the same symptoms are seen in a normal viral fever too. I, also, suffered from a slight cold and cough due to weather recently and for everyone’s safety and for early detection, Binaifer ma’am made me take a Covid test and thankfully it was negative. But yes, all the measures were taken very immediately and I was not allowed to come on the sets unless and until I was completely fine as there are kids and aged people too working on the sets,” she says.

Ashna KishoreAsk her what she missed about the show during the lockdown and she says, “I missed my siblings and cousins the most and I missed shooting with Sanjay who is playing Kamlesh in the show as I have most of my scenes with him. I missed my onscreen mother Kamna Ji who is playing the role of Mrs. Rajesh and, of course, my onscreen dad Yogesh Tripathi ji who is playing Happu Singh as he brings in that fun, humour and masti offscreen too. I missed my work, my shoot because I think no one loves sitting at home and I personally love working every single day so I missed it all.”Ashna Kishore

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