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Ashnoor And Paridhi From Patiala Babes Are Diet Partners


Jyothi Venkatesh

Being diet cautious and following a healthy lifestyle is a lot in trend now and actors following it is not a new thing. Ashnoor Kaur who is just 15 years, has already started by taking a step in the healthy direction.

The on-screen mother- daughter duo, Mini and Babita, played by Ashnoor Kaur and Paridhi Sharma respectively in the show Patiala Babes not just have this beautiful bond on- screen but share a great bond off-screen too. Paridhi is already someone who follows a healthy lifestyle with a good diet and makes sure she eats good and healthy food while on sets too. The teenager star kid though has just started her way towards following a healthy diet and guiding her along in this is Paridhi. In fact, hoth of them do their research together and while they are free on sets, keep sharing tips with each other.

Ashnoor shares, “I haven’t followed any particular diet before but now I started following healthy diet after signing the show as I was little on the heavier side. Paridhi didi follows a healthy lifestyle and ever since I have started it too, we keep sharing tips with each other. It is fun and also motivating to have someone else following fitness with you. Even Aniruddh bhaiya and I share tips with each other.  And  in the show there is a track where I’m training for Karate  and Aniruddh bhaiya is helping me with the training and making me eat eggs and veggies.”

Patiala Babes from Sony Entertainment Television is doing a great job capturing the audience’s attention. The mother-daughter relationship that the show portrays is actually something to root for as they have played it so beautifully with Mini, the daughter, supporting her mother and motivating her to get out of her protective shell and face the real world. Whereas, Babita, the mother is trying and doing her level best to give her daughter a life she deserves.

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