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Ashnoor Kaur And Anirudh Dave Complete A Decade On TV


Jyothi Venkatesh

14 year old  Ashnoor Kaur started her entertainment career at the young age of 5, playing various roles which made her an instant favorite with the audiences . Anirudh Dave is known for his versatility and his choice of roles. He has also done a couple of movies and currently he is seen on the progressive show, Patiala Babes along with Ashnoor who plays one of the lead protagonists in the show. Currently, Ashnoor and Anirudh’s characters are working as a single unit in order to help Babita explore brighter horizons. Just recently there was a discussion on the sets as to who has spent maximum years in the entertainment business and it was then that both Ashnoor and Anirudh realized that they are about to complete a decade in the industry. Ashnoor mentioned, ” I have been working since the age of 5 and have been lucky enough to have received a lot of love and adulation from my supporters. I am about to complete a decade in the industry and this is just the beginning for me.”Anirudh shares, “I have always been driven towards content that aims at giving back to society. Patiala Babes hits home in that department and I consider myself lucky that I get to essay the role of Hanuman Singh. I am about to complete a decade in the industry and Hanuman Singh is one of the highlights of my career.”

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