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Ashnoor Kaur From Patiala Babes Is All Set To Give Her Boards!


The young star, Ashnoor Kaur, of Sony Entertainment Television’s show Patiala Babes has captured millions of hearts. The character she plays as Mini, a strong daughter who stands up against the wrong and as a pillar for her mother has been relatable and also motivating to many women.

The extremely talented artist is not only dedicated towards her work but is also equally dedicated towards her studies. Ashnoor will be appearing for her boards this year and we can only imagine how difficult it would have been for her to manage both work and studies with such a busy work schedule.

When asked how she is coping up with work and studies she says, ” With such a tight schedule of work wherein you have to come in almost everyday for shoots it can be quite tedious to squeeze in time for studying. Also, the fact that I cannot attend lectures regularly makes it more difficult. I already knew this wasn’t going to be easy and prepared for my exams way back so that the shoots don’t bother or affect my performance. I won’t say I’m completely prepared but I have been responsible enough to start and almost complete studying beforehand.”

Ashnoor is currently going to go on a break until her exams get done. The show members have been kind enough to set her shoot schedule in such a way the it won’t affect her exams. We wish Ashnoor all the best for her exams and hope that she performs as amazingly as she does on screen.

Watch Patiala Babes every Monday to Friday at 9pm on Sony Entertainment Television.

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