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Ashnoor Kaur Of Patiala Babes Hopes To Be A Pageant Winner Like Priyanka Chopra Someday 


Jyothi Venkatesh

Sony Entertainment Television’s Patiala babes is already keeping the audience’ on the edge of their seats with its superlative content and stellar star cast. After the recent leap of five years, gorgeous actress Ashnoor Kaur, who is playing the role of Mini, is leading the star cast.Being the young achiever that she is, Ashnoor finds her inspiration in none other than actor-producer Priyanka Chopra and hopes to be a beauty pageant winner like her someday. Ashnoor has seen videos of Priyanka giving her answers that helped her win the Miss World crown and loved her confidence and how she presented herself. Ashnoor admires Priyanka’s career choices – right from playing a character with negative shades quite early on in movies to the way she has carved her career graph. “I have followed Priyanka didi from an earlier age. I like to see her interviews whenever I get some free time on the set. She is really inspiring with the way she began her career as a model, won beauty pageants, then became a mainstream heroine in Hindi cinema, and now an international star. She has made it on her own, without a Godfather. I can relate to her as even I began my career quite early in life and have managed to achieve whatever I have so far without any backing. Moreover, I am also choosing roles that resonate the same thought. Even my character, Mini, in Patiala Babes, is someone who is young and ambitious in life. So, I hope to follow Priyanka didi’s footsteps. And, I can only try, the rest is up to destiny,” said Ashnoor. The young actress further added that she is really impressed by Pee Cee’s philanthropic activities as a Goodwill Ambassador with the UNICEF. “One day, I also hope to give back to the society that has given me so much,” said Ashnoor.Watch Patiala Babes every Monday to Friday, 8:30 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television!

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