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Ashnoor Kaur to Play Lead in Patiala Babes!!


Sony Entertainment Television’s upcoming show ‘Patiala Babes’ has already generated abuzz among its audience. While many actresses go through rounds of auditions, the talented Prithvi Vallabh actress ‘Ashnoor Kaur’ has taken the spot in one go and will be seen playing the lead character in Patalia Babes. She will be seen playing the role of Mini Khurana who is witty and a go-getter. Ashnoor will play the daughter of Paridhi Sharma aka Babita Khurana.

Confirming the news Ashnoor says, “Yes, I am excited much to be part of Patiala Babes. It’s my second show on Sony TV back to back. After playing the parallel lead, I am now playing a lead role. I was the first person to be roped in the show followed by the others. The story is setup in Patiala and showcases mother-daughter relationship. My character, ‘Mini Khurana’ is a bubbly girl who loves her mother the most and so do I. She is also stylish by nature and soon to be fashionista. On other hand, she is tomboy and is very protective towards her mother as she is not exposed to the world outside.  Paridhi is very sweet and loving. We share a very good bond and have fun on the sets. I share the same relationship with my mother. My parents have been very supportive of it”.

 The show revolves around the concept of a mother daughter relationship. They not just emote the feelings of mother and child but also of best friends. It talks about how a daughter gives a push to her mom to achieve what she desires.

Patiala Babes coming soon only on Sony Entertainment Television!

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