Asif Shaikh Says That He Does Not Believe In Vastu Shastra 

Call it an auspicious way of living or a personal lifestyle belief, the concept of Vastu Shastra in India has compelled almost every Indian citizen

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Jyothi Venkatesh

Call it an auspicious way of living or a personal lifestyle belief, the concept of Vastu Shastra in India has compelled almost every Indian citizen to adhere to it. While some might refuse to be constrained by these astrological sayings, others can’t help but follow the set directions of prosperity and happiness. Such is the case of the seedhe saadhe Tiwari ji from &TV’s Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai who has been wrapped around the concept of Vastu Shastra. In an attempt to understand the reason for recurring losses in their business, Tiwari ji and Angoori Bhabhi decide to consult a baba who blames the Vastu of their house to be incorrect and inauspicious. Little do they know that the baba consulting them is none other than the witty Vibhuti who wishes to play a tactful prank over Tiwari ji. Delighted to cause trouble to him, Vibhuti advises Tiwari to shift his work place to his restroom as the Vastu of that area could help him prosper in life. Adding on to the mischief list, his success advice to all the residents of Modern Colony is to dismantle the restrooms in their house to avoid any unfortunate incidents. While on one hand Tiwari ji tries to keep his business meetings intact in his restroom, Happu with the help of the commissioner is on a mission to arrest all those people who attend to ‘nature’s call’ outside their home.

Commenting on this new twist Rohitashv Gour a.k.a Tiwari ji said, “With Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai, we have always tried to bring forth concepts that connect with the common perception of viewers. Our new story is a light-hearted and comical take on a belief which is rigorously followed in India. I do believe in certain aspects of Vastu and feel the surrounding energy has a major role to play in person’s behaviour and personality. While it may be a consideration while creating a home, me and my family do not generally delve deep into the particulars as many others. Touchwood, we have been surrounded by a positive aura and the energies around us I believe play a role in it.” Speaking in contrary to his thoughts Aasif Sheikh a.k.a Vibhuti Narayan Mishra said, “While the new track of Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai is around Vast Shastra, I personally don’t believe in it. I have heard cases of people who blindly follow the depictions of Vastu Shastra to an extent they are willing to shift good homes in search of an ‘astrologically correct home’. I personally don’t believe in Vastu Shastra or any of its depictions and feel it confuses people. Several years back, when the concept of Vastu Shastra didn’t really exist, people still managed to find a home and create a positive environment around them. It’s merely a manner of making business and become a profession for many in today’s time. I believe a positive or negative space of a home is created by family and its inner members and the movement of stars cannot really determine that. Vastu kharab hone se kisi ki zindagi kharab nahi hoti.”Will Vibhuti manage to fool all those around him, or will he be caught red handed in this act? Watch the show for the answer!

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