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Aur kuch dil ko dehlaane vaali baatein ..


Ali Peter John

The first time there was some panic about this king was when some mischievous elements planted a video about the king siffering from some mysterious ailment and the video showing his head marked with all kinds of cuts and bruises had gone viral . The video however died a premature death and his fans offered prayers in different places for God being kind to their “god”.

The only time he was a victim of humiliation was when the Wankhede stadium banned him from entering the stadium because of a frivolous charge and the treatment he received was given wide coverage in the media and according to some the ban on him and his family still stands.

He has been in the forefront of working for the welfare of junior artists and other artists and has raised crores of rupees for their welfare , but there were soms elements who tried to give him a bad name, but this wicked move of those few could not make any dent on the character of an actor who has lived all his life according to his own priciples which primarily say that you have to be good , you have to be right and you don’t have to prove that you are right .

After the failure of three big films starring him, Raees , Fan and Zero ,the critics he had almost celebrated his exit because they believe that it was the end of the road for him. Their belief grew stronger when he did not sign any new film for more than three years. But he seemed to know what to do best. He kept building his empire, he kept the interests of peopls in him alive and above all he kept the faith filmmakers had in him. In even the most trouble times in his career , there were several filmmakers waiting for him to give them the green signal to start work with him again and the quest for him to say yes to their projects zeroed down to a filmmaker from the south, Atlee and Raju Hirani, but now it is final , he will first finish shooting for Yashraj’s Pathan which is being directec by Siddharth Anand who had last directed “War” for Yashraj and which co stars Deepika padukone and has John Abrahm playing the villain for the first time.

In the meanwhile , the social media , the yellow press and the few critics that he has are still busy looking for ways to pull him down from the pedestal he has been standing on , but his goodness and the love of his fans who I sometimes feel love him more than their Gods will make sure that all their ugly and dangerous plans for their Badshah will never succeed .

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