Avika Gor:  We should stop using throwaway items like bags and glasses

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No action is too small, says actress Avika Gor, when it comes to the preservation of Mother Earth. The actress says that every small step helps a great deal.

“I believe that we should all practise environmental responsibility and contribute to the preservation of our beautiful Earth. We should focus on minor things like not leaving the tap running when not in use, and save water. Secondly, we should stop using throwaway items like bags and glasses. These seemingly insignificant details have a big impact. I do everything I can to protect the environment. I love plants, and I have a lot of them in my house. I try to carry my own steel straws and bottles around so I can avoid using plastic ones,” she says.

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She adds, “Especially in Mumbai, it is very important to save water. Water must be preserved since it takes a lot of energy to pump water from lakes or rivers into your home. Use water-saving devices, reduce showers, repair leaky pipes, recycle water within your home, are some of the steps that we can implement. The next step is to stop littering. People leaving trash on the streets is one of the frequent images we encounter on a daily basis. Eliminating roadside trash is one way to maintain a clean environment and neighbourhood around you. It's important to thank Mother Earth for her kindness and to strengthen our commitment to protecting the environment.”


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