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Jyothi Venkatesh

Ayush Gupta, the youngest Reiki Healer and Tarot Card reader, has registered his name once again in the World Records India list. The first was for the Youngest Reiki Healer and this time it is for being the Youngest Tarot Card Reader at the age of 17. He is elated with this new achievement and feels “honoured and grateful”. “This is the best feeling. I never imagined that I would receive two World Record awards, so it’s a big thing for me. My family is also happy and very proud. I want to do many things for India, for my home town in Madhya Pradesh and even where I am staying in Mumbai,” he said.He says he has been practising Tarot Card reading for a long time and has done over a thousand readings, including that of some famous Bollywood celebrities.

Talking about the criteria for selection, he said, “They researched all over India about young Tarot Card readers and those who are actively practising tarot card reading. They contacted me and asked me about my practices, and a famous Tarot Card reader from Ahmedabad took my test, and saw how I do my work. They selected after a month because they needed to check the accuracy of my answers too and later they informed me that I have been selected as the Youngest Tarot Card Reader.”He even shared his views on Tarot card reading as a profession and admitted that it helps those who are unable to take future related decisions.


“Tarot card reading profession is actually a very good profession because it helps and guides those who are a little hesitant to take future related decisions. They need guidance and Tarot Card reading gives accurate answers.”Ayush wants to continue in the world of energies and says he will definitely try his hands at different scientifically proven therapies. He added, “I will learn genuine healing and alternative healing therapies. I want to live in this field only and want to do many things for humanity and heal and guide more and more people.”

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