Ayushi Khurana from Star Bharat’s ‘Ajooni’ shares her special moments of Iftari from the sets.

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Star Bharat has drawn the attention of fans not just for its marvellous content but also for the on- and off-screen displays of teamwork, love, and togetherness. The 'Ajooni' crew at Star Bharat prepares for Iftar during this month of Ramadan as they come together for Ifatri with great excitement, pomp, unity, and togetherness. Ayushi Khurana from Star Bharat’s show ‘Ajooni’ shares her special moments of Iftar from the sets and shares her experiences.

She overwhelmingly says, "Festivals are my favourite time of year because we celebrate with so much love and togetherness, where our entire Ajooni team prepared for Iftar, and this is my first ever Iftar on sets where we began with prayers for positivity and wellness and then broke Iftar by eating dates, fruits, and then delicious meals. This is very special to me because we rarely get to eat together, but on special occasions we do. My co-star Shoib Ibrahim observes his roza and concludes his fast in the evening and contributes to the Iftari meal for the entire cast and crew.

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She further adds, "I also have a special memory of celebrating Ramadan, where I went on Roza with one of my companions for a single day, adhering to all the traditions and customs with due respect and it was a surreal feeling. I thus enjoy celebrating festivals since they allow us to participate in a variety of activities and experiences."

The current narrative of Ajooni has the audience enthralled as Shoaib Ibrahim aka 'Rajveer'dons' creates a new persona after ‘Ajooni’ to save the Bagga family. The show is set to see major drama as the drama of the new Bagga family has emerged. Will ‘Rajveer’ and ‘Ajooni’ overcome this situation and save their family?

Stay tuned to witness the upcoming drama ,every Monday to Friday at 8:30 p.m. only on Star Bharat.

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