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B.P. Singh Launches The First Investigative Show Abhay On Ott Platform Of Zee 5 With Kunal Khemu As The Protagonist


Jyothi Venkatesh

Kunal Khemu is all set to make his debut as an actor on the OTT platform Zee5 with the investigative show Abhay which happens to be the first show on the OTT platform in India.  “I have never ever played a character like that of Abhay before in my career in films as an actor. His is an intriguing character. I have been a fan of series on crime. In Abhay you will know beforehand who has done the crime but it will be interesting to note how Abhay is nailing the criminals. The web series has been inspired by true crime stories which have happened in our country in recent times. I do not find any major difference in acting between feature films and OTT platforms. Shooting for Abhay was like shooting for any other film, like say Golmaal or Traffic Signal for me. We shot for the series on real locations. Each story will be complete in one episode and we will tackle different stories in different episodes”, signs off Kunal Khemu.

B.P. Singh confessed that he was not getting good offers to produce TV serials like CID and said that it was for the first time that he was trying his hand at making a series for the web. I should give the credit to Kunal for joining the team of writers while we were discussing the various inputs for making the story more gripping before we shot every episode and feel that but for his contribution, the web series would not have been as slick as it ahs turned out to be now.”

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