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“Baalveer Returns Fulfilled My Dream To Be A Superhero”, Says Vansh Sayani Aka Young Baalveer From Sony SAB’s Baalveer Returns

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1. How excited are you on being a part of the show Baal Veer Returns?

I couldn’t contain my excitement when I got the call from Sony SAB confirming that I will be playing Vivaan aka Baalveer’s successor in Baalveer Returns. I have followed the journey of Baalveer on Sony SAB previously and have thoroughly enjoyed the show. It has been my dream to play the role of a superhero and to get an opportunity to have powers and perform action sequences is truly a dream come true.

2. Tell us something about your character – Vivaan

Vivaan is a diehard fan of Salman Khan and has a reputation of being the most mischievous kid of the block. He is entirely unaware of the different worlds of Kaal Lok and Veer Lok and does not believe in superheroes. Vivaan is innocent and mischievous at the same time, his super cute style and his dialogues are bound to make audience fall in love with him.

3. What made you take up this role?

As a kid, I have always been fascinated by super heroes and this role offered me a chance to play one. I used to watch Baalveer on Sony SAB previously and when I came across the opportunity of playing the younger Baalveer in Baalveer Returns, I really didn’t want to miss it. The character is entertaining and I wanted to always play the character of a superhero and have powers.

4. How is the experience, shooting with the cast of Baal Veer Returns?

Everyone on the show has been really caring and supportive towards me. As I’m the youngest they all shower me with love. We all enjoy a lot on the set and I share a special bond with Dev bhaiya and I enjoy doing my shots with him. I’m learning a lot from every artist in Baalveer Returns and I look forward to create memories and do justice to my character.

5. How exciting is it to play a fictional character, with all the costumes and gadgets?

It is extremely exciting for me. As of now, my character has not been introduced to his powers but I’m having fun shooting for the action sequences. I undergo immense training and rehearsals before my action sequences which are mainly with Baalveer. It requires a lot of effort to perfect the shots but I always look forward to them.

6. If you actually had super powers, what would you like to do/ change in this world?

If I had superpowers, I will never let my family be harmed and would always protect them.

7. Did you have to do any specific preparation to get into the role of Vivaan?

My character Vivaan is very energetic and in order to be fit and active, I have stopped eating junk food. I have a sweet tooth, so I have even left eating sweets for last 3 months to maintain the look of my character. My character Vivaan and I are completely different, while Vivaan is a mischievous kid, I’m fairly obedient and there are several other characteristics that are entirely opposite between us. So I am working hard to understand his personality and get it right on the screen.

8. Are there any similarities between your character on the show and you in real life?

Vivaan and I are entirely opposite personalities. I’m really obedient while Vivaan is known for his mischiefs. I’m really studious while Vivaan is not. I feel the only similarity we share is our love for sports. Recently we shot a kabaddi match sequence in the show and that has by far been the best day on the set.

9. Do you watch Sony SAB? What is your favourite show on the channel?

Everyone in my family has always been a huge fan of all the shows on Sony SAB. There is no particularly show that is my favorite but I really enjoy watching Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma and Bhakharwadi. I think they are really funny and packed with full on entertainment.

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