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Baby Taimur proves that acting runs in his blood; Imitates Daddy and Mommy during Yoga Sessions

The Quirky Side Of Baby Taimur


Recently Daddy Cool Saif Ali Khan Revealed in his Fathers Day Interview with DNA a side of Taimur Ali Khan that nobody had ever seen before.Taimur’s is usually seen looking all cool and composed, curiously staring back at everyone staring at him. Well lets see what daddy Saif had to say about his little boys routine.

“For example, Taimur wakes up at 7.30 am, I am up by 9 am. He comes, takes the torch by my bed and puts it in his mouth like the doctor. He keeps doing things like that. He likes to see the moon, which is nice. He watches it before he goes to sleep every day. He loves nature and is quite outdoorsy. He imitates us doing yoga by making some painful noises which obviously, I’m making while I’m stretching. He does a good side bend and falls over.” Saif revealed that he is enjoying is son’s notorious side and his awsomeness.

We can just envision how lovably insane it must be at the Nawab house regular with Taimur doing what he is best at. That is to say, aren’t kids the best wellspring of stress-buster? Saif similarly additionally appreciates Taimur’s social life which he supposes is in reality more exciting than his.“I think the whole country loves Taimur (smiles). He’s a great energy to have around you. He has quite a happening social life, too. Right now, he is not even home, he’s gone for his evening time out with friends! He’s very busy, ” says daddy cool with a tinge of humour.

Taimur is as of now holidaying in London with Kareena and Saif. Photos of the photos have been trending on social media. For sure Taimur is having a lot of fun on his lavish vacation.

May God Bless the Bollywood Baby with all the happiness in life.