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Bad man shakti kapoor turns savior to security guards lining up juhu near the iskcon temple


Jyothi Venkatesh

Yes. You have read it right. Bad Man Shakti Kapoor who has played the hard core villain in around 700 films till date has turned a savior of the downtrodden. Yes. Shakti decided this year not to burn money on lighting up his entire housing society like every year and instead siphon off the money thus saved , which amounted to almost Rs 80,000 to buy sweaters to help the downtrodden people including the security guys in his neighborhood to ward off the winter blues by donating them sweaters, along with his wife Shivangi Kolhapure Kapoor.

Incidentally, Shakti Kapoor has not touched even a drop of liquor for almost the last two years and has turned trim and looks like he has shed not only excess fat but also several years off his body, though he has decided to grow his salt and pepper beard as he has started getting meaty characters to play in some films which he has signed of late.

In Red, Shakti Kapoor plays the pivotal role of a psychiatric doctor in white, who sets out to unleash his own brand of terror. Can’t wait to see this different dynamic avatar of Shakti Kapoor.

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