Badshah: Rapper spotted with Pakistani actress Hania Aamir, has Badshah fallen in love with the actress?

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Pakistani actress Hania Aamir

Badshah: India and Pakistan are two countries between which the atmosphere is always heated. But some stars between the two countries are in the news for their relationship. The subject of this discussion at present is Bollywood singer and rapper Badshah and Pakistan's famous heroine Hania Aamir. Hania Aamir has shared something on her social media account about which there is heated discussion all around. There has been a buzz on social media for a long time that singer Badshah and Pakistani actress Hania Aamir are dating.

क्या Badshah को डेट कर रहीं पाक एक्ट्रेस Hania Aamir? एक साथ शॉपिंग करने गए दोनों की फोटोज वायरल, फैंस हैरान

Badshah and Hania picture

But something has happened in the meantime, after which everyone has been surprised. Hania has shared some pictures with Badshah on social media and Instagram. In which Badshah is also there. As soon as she has shared this picture on social media, their relationship is being talked about. Apart from this, different names are also being given. On December 1, he has shared many pictures. Sharing the post she has written, “The children went shopping.” In the photo, actress Hania has worn a gray crop top while Badshah has worn a green oversized jumper.

Indian Rapper, Badshah Finally Meets His Crush, Pakistani Actress, Hania  Aamir

Trolled on social media (Badshah)

In another photo, both are seen waiting for drinks. In another photo, the actress is seen taking guidance from Badshah on how to drink the drink. Seeing these pictures, Hania Aamir's comment section is filled. Many people have commented heavily. One user wrote, “Don't roam with these Chhapri Indians,” another wrote, “Shizuka with Gian.” Another commented, “Guys, stop calling them Shizuka and Gian. I can't like all the comments."

Meet Babar Azam's Rumoured Girlfriend Hania Aamir, Also Known As Pakistan's  Anushka Sharma | Cricket News, Times Now

Babar Azam's name also got involved

Trolling the actress, a user said, “Babar Azam is crying in the corner.” People did not lag in trolling Badshah too, “Badshah showed his mettle.” Disliking Haniya's picture, it was written, "Haniya has gone crazy." Many such comments can be seen on the actress's post. But the actress has not yet given any reaction to this troll.


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