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Review: Bahut Hua Sammaan




Producer: Siddharth Anand Kumar, Yoodlee Films

Director: Ashish. R. Shukla

Star Cast: Sanjay Mishra, Raghav Juyal, Flora Saini, Abhishek Chauhan, Nidhi Singh, Ram Kapoor and Namit Das

Genre: Satirical comedy

Rating- ***


Jyothi Venkatesh

This flick which is set in the backdrop of Varanasi, UP sets out to chronicle the life of two engineering students who plan a heist to rob a bank. Written jointly by Vijay Narayan Verma and Avinash Singh, Bahut Hua Samman had a direct to digital OTT release on Disney+ Hostar.

The film shows two friends (Abhishek Chauhan and Raghav Juyal) who want to rob a bank with the help of local goons because of lack of employment opportunities. They are known for their quick con jobs in the college circuit and are notorious in their own way with the cops.

While they get a mentor in the form Bakchodh Baba (Sanjay Mishra) who agrees to help realize their plan, their journey is not complete without the mandatory run-ins with the police and other obstacles which come their way and deter them from achieving their avowed objective.

Ironically, even while they are all set to get their hands dirty and rich before their paper perfect plan falls apart, opening a Pandora’s box and awakening the beast, played by Ram Kapoor, which throws their nascent plans helter skelter.

The plot is somewhat akin to Delhi Belly but is not a road film like that was. It is almost a mirth quake which arises out of the antics of the trio- Sanjay Mishra, Raghav Juyal and Abhishek Chauhan and it is quite difficult to keep a poker face when you set out to watch a hilarious film like this, which has interesting and queer twists and turns almost throughout. Flora Saini is good at her attempt to act as well as titillate the audience while Ram Kapoor steals the scene as the bad man who does not mince words and gets what he wants.

Besides Ram Kapoor, the other scene stealer is none other than Sanjay Mishra, who is perfect at whatever he does as an actor with a chameleon style. Abhishek Chauhan and Raghav Juyal entertain to the core but it is Nidhi Singh who walks away with her antics (read porno dialogues about position which a woman should adopt to get a child). Namit Das has hardly any role in this comic caper and it is sad to see the talented actor being wasted in an inane manner by director Ashish R Shukla, who has done a deft job at helming the film.

To sum up, all said and done, although the film does not boasts of any big star, what saves it is the restrained as well as overboard performances by stalwarts like Sanjay Mishra, Ram Kapoor and popular actors who have a flair for comedy like Raghav Juyal and Abhishek Chauhan. If you want to enjoy watching a film without getting bored for two hours, Bahut Huwa Sammaan is the film for you.