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Bal Hanuman Gets An Unusual Visitor On The Sets Of ‘Kahat Hanuman…Jai Shri Ram’ 


Jyothi Venkatesh

 &TV’s Kahat Hanuman…Jai Shri Ram’s shoot has been in full swing. And while the entire cast and crew eagerly await the outcome of how the show is set to present itself, it seems there is a special member who is super excited and makes his presence felt in a rather unusual way! He is none other than a cute little furry monkey who shows up every time especially when our Bal Hanuman, Ekagrah Srivastava is shooting. So much so that Ekagrah eagerly waits for his special friend to make an appearance, not only to watch Bal Hanuman shooting but also to play around with everyone on the sets. He has come to become a good luck charm for the crew.

Whenever the young actor, Ekagrah Srivastava into his character, the monkey climbs up the walls of and gazes at him lovingly. The monkey (add the pet name given to him by the crew), has become everyone’s favorite and the crew feeds him in turns with nuts and fruits especially banana which he thoroughly relishes.Talking about his new friend, Ekagrah Srivastava aka Bal Hanuman shared, “This monkey started coming here on the sets and keeps watching me. During break time we play with him and I feed him food that I bring on the set (smiles). &TV’s upcoming show Kahat Hanuman…Jai Shri Ram is a captivating tale of Lord Hanuman. An incarnation of the powerful and supreme Lord Shiva, Lord Hanuman was created as the most powerful being on earth with a certain purpose and potential. Defining this purpose while giving viewers a glimpse of the tale between Lord Shiva and the invincible evil Ravana, the show will narrate the story of Lord Hanuman’s origin. It is set to take the viewers on an interesting mythological journey of how Bal Hanuman eventually emerges as the greatest devotee of Lord Ram and manages to bring a successful end to Ravana’s reign of terror.

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