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“Ban Lifted” On Singer Mika Singh After He Apologizes And Justifies Himself

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Chaitanya Padukone  

Announcing that the ban on Mika Singh was now being “lifted”, chief advisor of FWICE, Ashoke Pandit said: “We were in shock that Mika performed in Pakistan and at a time when India is bleeding due to Pakistan. Such an approach on part of Indian artists is not acceptable. However, we are now taking back the circular to ban Mika Singh.” Singer Mika Singh has apologised to the Federation of Western India Cine Employees (FWICE) after the association banned him from working in India, following his recent live performance in Pakistan. Interacting with the media  in Mumbai, Mika said he had to do it owing to prior commitment, but admitted it was a mistake that he would never repeat. However, the interaction soon turned into a heated exchange between the singer and the media. “This was a commitment signed long back. The timing was wrong that I went there because the decision on Article 370 has just been taken. I called the federation and told them that this was a mistake. I apologise for the mistake and I won’t repeat it again. I got a visa, so I went (to Pakistan).,” insisted Mika, while interacting with the media along with Ashoke Pandit, and the body’s president, B.N. Tiwari, on Wednesday in Mumbai. Earlier, the All India Cine Workers Association (AICWA) and FWICE had banned Mika for performing at the wedding of a relative of former Pakistani President, General Pervez Musharraf, in Karachi. Mika’s presence became known after pictures and videos of his performance appeared on social media. In his justification, the flamboyant  ‘Jumme Ki Raat’ singer said that he had made a commitment to the client “long back”.

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