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From the wrestling arenas to the lanes of Bareilly, Nitesh Tiwari makes a switch and how! The Dangal film-maker, along with Shreyas Jain, scripts what promises to be a simple yet impactful, entertaining yet heart-warming love triangle for wife Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari. The trailer of her upcoming film Bareilly Ki Barfi which boasts of a killer cast of Ayushmann Khurrana, Kriti Sanon and Rajkumar Rao is sheer delight! It looks like a fresh, fun film with its heart in the right place—all held in place by a woman who knows her craft and is driven by nothing else but passion.

 Bareilly Ki Barfi follows the journey of a small-town rebel played by Kriti Sanon’s who’s on the look for someone who appreciates her for who she is. This is when she comes across Pritam Vidrohi (Rajkumar Rao), a saree salesman who is everything but interested in Kriti. This is where Chirag Dubey (Ayushmann Khurrana) enters the scene. Chirag is head over heels in love with the small-town livewire but is instead caught up being the match-maker between the very girl he likes to Pritam!

Just to be clear, we just can’t decide what we love the most about this one! The premise, the characters, music—it’s all win-win for us! After the dud Raabta, Kriti Sanon returns with what looks like a character tailor-made for her. She shines bright in the trailer and convinces us in her rebel avatar. Ayushmann Khurrana always comes across as a breath of fresh air and that happens here too. We’re sure all you girls are drooling right now and we see no reason why that shouldn’t be the case. Khurrana’s performance seems to have hit the nail with his spontaneity and effortless comic timing. And of course, saving the best for the last, Rajkumar Rao brings a smile to your face as soon as he comes on screen. The actor leaves you asking for more and that speaks volumes of his potential as an actor. He seems to be sending out a message to the film-makers, give me whatever you got and I will nail it.

Coming to the captain of the ship, Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari announced her arrival with the critically acclaimed Nil Battey Sannata back in 2015. Bareilly Ki Barfi seems to be her entry vehicle into mainstream cinema (read mainstream and intelligent). From what we see in the trailer, the characters look lovable, the plot interesting, the performances superlative, the production design real and the direction, nothing but top-notch. Just like Nil Battey Sannata, Ashwiny seems to be in complete control with this one. It’ll be really interesting to see how she functions in the commercial zone and also the kind of work she follows up. Also, a special shout-out to the music directors. We can’t remember the last time a trailer of a film had us grooving in our chairs. Pitch perfect.

Bareilly Ki Barfi will face-off with Shraddha Kapoor’s Haseena Parkar at the box-office. Both the films are as different as chalk and cheese and will have their own set of audience. The film which is marketed better could walk away with the honours in this case. We’re pretty sure you’ve seen Haseena Parkar’s trailer by now. Now watch the theatrical trailer of Bareilly Ki Barfi here and decide which film you’ll be going for on the 18th of August!

Produced by Junglee Pictures and BR Studios, Bareilly Ki Barfi releases on 18 August 2017.



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