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Be It Real OR Reel With Thinkstan Season 2, Mandira Bedi Agrees That Gender Inequality At The Workplace Is Still Rampant!


How many cases have you heard off when a woman at a corporate office is due for promotion but her male colleague walks away with it? Or a woman wants to try earning her livelihood as a driver or mechanic but our male chauvinistic society shuns her away? Even Bollywood has come out in the open to say that there exists a pay parity when it comes to what is considered the weaker sex!

MX Player’s ‘Kiska Hoga Thinkistan Season 2’ brings you high octane drama based on office politics, professional rivalry and issues of gender inequality at the work place. Mandira Bedi plays the ideal boss in this MX Original Series and her character is valiant in nature and as humble as you’d want a role model to be. However, Mandira does agree that be it for real or on reel in this series – gender inequality at the work place is still rampant in the country.

She opened up about the topic saying, “The workplace has been largely unequal and till date, gender inequality in the workplace continues to exist. But what brings hope to the heart is that women today are fighting back and achieving success no matter what the obstacle is. In this show, I play the role of a boss who is hard-working, self-righteous & courageous. She knows how to motivate her employees, appreciate their work and at the same time, give constructive feedback to them. I think that if even one woman is inspired by my character, then it’s a job well done for all us who put this series together!”

Gear up to watch the harsh-realities of the advertising world in ‘Kiska Hoga Thinkistan season 2’. Directed by the veteran ad film maker N. Padmakumar, this season touches various emotions such as gender stereotypes, interpersonal rivalry, friendship, betrayal and extra-marital affairs in the office space.

Stream into MX Player to binge watch ‘Kiska Hoga Thinkistan – Season 2’ from 6th September 2019 for FREE!

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