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Beauty Tips By Sara Ali Khan For The Festive Season


Any guesses on how Sara Ali Khan gets that perfect glowing skin each time? JYOTHI VENKATESH sets out to compile some personal favorites and beauty tips by Sara Ali Khan, brand ambassador Garnier Serum Sheet Masks.

“Between shoots and workouts and now Diwali celebrations, it’s easy to forget about our skin. So I strongly advocate going back to the basics!, says Sara Ali Khan.

  1. Hydration all the way!

Always make sure to keep your body and skin hydrated. Drink enough water and moisturize your skin well. For me, putting on a sheet mask is the quickest way to hydrate my skin while I am shifting gears from hectic shoots and early morning rehearsals to late-night card parties with my friends. Garnier has recently launched Serum Sheet Masks, which are my absolute favorite! You have many variants to choose from – from lemon & pomegranate to grape seed and charcoal. They are super hydrating and give you super glowing skin in just 15 minutes!

  1. Exercise, not just to drop a size!

The healthiest way to detox your skin is to sweat it out. It helps clear your skin from all the pore clogging toxins. No matter how caught up I am with work or family commitments, I always include at least 30 minutes of workout in my routine, my day just feels incomplete without that.

  1. Eat well and eat right!

The besan ladoos, chole bhature and kulfis feed the soul, I agree! But it is also important to check on portions and eat healthy to ensure acne and dullness don’t wear you down during these celebrations.

  1. Less is more!

Always! I strongly believe in this mantra, beauty lies in minimalism and being true to yourself.  Keep it subtle, keep it original and wear your confidence!

  1. Get some Me-Time

The festive season can get chaotic. Grab some me-time not just for you, but also for your skin. Kick back, relax, put on a Garnier Sheet Mask and chill! Trust me, all it takes is 15 mins and your skin will thank you for it. My favourite is the Green Tea Serum Mask by Garnier.

  1. Get that beauty sleep!

Don’t compromise on your sleep! 8 hours of sleep is ideal but try to get at least 6 hours of shuteye during the festive madness. But no matter how late it is, don’t forget to take off your makeup before going to bed. Residual makeup can cause your skin to break out. Garnier Micellar Water is my perfect hack to having a 100% clean face before I go to sleep!

So, this festive season, give your skin some extra care and attention! Get set glow!”


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