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“Believing In Lord Krishna Has Brought Positivity In My Life”- Malhar Pandya


No matter how busy Malhar Pandya is, the actor makes sure to visit the temple and pay his respect to Lord Krishna regularly. The actor, who is part of the show Aghoori on Zee TV, says that worshipping Krishna has changed his life. “I believed in Lord Krishna but when I was doing the show Suryaputra Karn I was playing Balram. I met Saurabh Pandey who was playing Lord Krishna. We used to sit and talk about Lord Krishna I realized Krishna is our friend and we can actually talk to him. So, Saurabh Pandey made me believe more and he used to keep kirtans and call us for it,” he says, adding, “There are many changes that I felt, especially positivity, change in thought process was a big one. I didn’t notice when the change happened but after Suryaputra Karn I started believing more. No matter how much busy I am I visit the temple once or twice a week or any Lord Krishna Temple near my house. It makes me feel positive.”Ask him what he loves about Lord Krishna, and he says, “Lord Krishna is everywhere, in every person, everything. I loved one thing that he never differentiates between anyone he was a friend to everyone. You can communicate with him directly. I don’t follow any ritual but I make sure I go to the temple whenever possible. It’s not a rule I follow I feel peace when I visit the temple.” Talking about Krishna’s birthday, Janmashtami, this year, Malhar says, “This Janmashtami I am going to Indore, my family will be there. We will be celebrating Lord Krishna’s birthday there with great joy and togetherness.”

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