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Bet You Didn’t Know these ‘dumdaar’ facts about Govinda & Karisma Kapoor


Who hasn’t grooved to the beats of ‘Sona kitna sona hai’ or ‘Tujhe mirchi laagi toh mein kya karu.’ Most certainly the magical, or rather the OG jodi of Govinda and Karisma have been our favourites and watching them together is a delight – Jyothi Venkatesh

This awesome jodi came together almost after two decades to discuss the hottest new jodi in town – KFC’s Biryani Bucket with delectable Biryani rice and KFC’s signature Chicken.

Well Chi Chi and Lolo’s initial apprehension over this newest, dumdaar jodi soon turned into excitement as they dug into the KFC Biryani Bucket. Here are some lesser-known facts about your other favourite jodi (apart from the jodi of Biryani + KFC Chicken).

Did you know that Karisma is a big-time foodie, loves sharing her food (but not her dessert) and also experiments in the kitchen? Whereas Govinda loves his fried chicken, hates going on diets and has a personal stylist who is close to his heart. Read on to find out more.

· Karisma loves, loves, loves Biryani: Karisma loves food – and especially desi flavourful food, hence no surprise then that she’s a Biryani-lover, like most of us. Lolo is a true Punjabi at heart, and if you give her a plateful (or should we say bucketful) of chicken biryani, she’s all set.

In fact, she enjoys Biryani so much, that she’s tried some variations of her own in her kitchen, and yes – it included pairing some Biryani with KFC’s delicious Hot & Crispy and Popcorn chicken too!

· Govinda isn’t a fan of dieting (Like most of us :P): Govinda who has always been fit, active and a super dancer, is in fact into following diet plans.

Of course, he keeps a track of what he eats and follows a fitness regime, but apart from being an successful actor, he is just like you and me, who often skips the regime to indulge in our fav foods.

· What’s in Lolo’s bag you ask – Snacks! If like us, you’ve also wondered what would you find in Karisma’s bag, the answer is snacks! As someone who’s always on the go, Karisma likes to be prepared at all times.

Hence, you will always find something to eat in her bag – nothing too big – just something quick and easy to eat like protein bars or chips.

· Govinda’s stylist is his wife: There are actors who love spending time in choosing what they want to wear on different occasions… even if it is a choice between designer wear or a set of PJs!

And then there is Govinda, who never has to worry about making these choices – because his wife does that for him!

Yes, our hearts are melting too… As his personal stylist, Govinda’s wife decides what he will wear everyday (and he follows what she says to the T). Can he BE any more adorable?

· Karisma is very easy-going with her eating habits: Unlike many others in the industry, Karisma is not overtly cautious about always following a strict eating regime. She likes to keep it easy and for her, balance is key.

Ofcourse she is conscious about what she eats, but every now and then she loves to indulge. When it comes to food – she eats what she likes, but in moderation.

So don’t be surprised if you see her enjoying a bowl of salad at one time of the day, and diving into her favorite Hot & Crispy chicken at KFC later.

Lolo loves to enjoy some KFC now and then and thinks of it fondly always, as it’s one of the foods she’s grown up eating especially when her family was travelling.

Well, while she has no problem sharing her food, she is the exact opposite when it comes to desserts. She NEVER shares her sweets with anyone, no matter what!

· Chi Chi loves spicy food: Govinda is a foodie and even his restaurant, Hero No. 1, was a result of his love for food. But perhaps what you didn’t know, is that Govinda loves fried chicken.

Whether he is out for a family dinner, travelling overseas, or just ordering in at home – he would happily choose KFC’s Hot & Crispy. He loves spicy food and cannot survive on bland-tasting food at any cost.

Which is why, whenever he is travelling abroad for work, he almost always opts for KFC – he credits this to the fact that KFC is easily available and has an iconic flavour which he just loves.

Since the 90s, he always binged on KFC when travelling overseas and it has now become his go to option when he’s hungry.

· Karisma learnt how to cook during the lockdown: While the “Raja Hindustani” heroine loves exploring different cuisines, and even discusses recipes – she only stepped into the kitchen to cook during the lockdown in March 2020.

And now that’s something she’d like to continue doing every once in a while. She is experimental and loves to try cooking different items for her kids like noodles or healthy muffins.

· Govinda is straightforward (and very curtly so): No controversies, no manipulated answers, and extremely vocal… that’s just Govinda! And that’s only one of the reasons why we love him!

And while there are rarely any actors today who match Govinda’s vibe, according to him, Ranveer Singh shares the same kind of energy and zest as he did – and is without a doubt his favorite actor from this generation.

· They share a special bond: Chi Chi very fondly says that he is so sure there is no match for his on-screen jodi with Karisma.

As per him, they were able to become the audience’s favorites because both Chi Chi and Lolo shared the same values when it came to their work, and not just on-screen, they vibed well off-screen too, which has helped strengthen this life-long bond that he values!

So here they are again, happily agreeing to the newest jodi in town and together enjoying the KFC Biryani Bucket.

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