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The residents of Hampton have new neighbours and well, they seriously couldn’t have wished for anything more. Who better than Beyonce and Jay-z to give the world #neighbourhoodgoals? E!News confirmed that Beyonce and Jay-Z just caught hold of a seven-bedroom estate in the luxurious beachside community of East Hampton, New York. The property is 12,000 sq. ft. mansion which spreads across two acres of land and is worth $26 million. Of course, we can’t feel the ground beneath our feet but the family of four frigging owns that piece of land, so it hardly matters how we feel about it!

The property also has a 1,800 square-foot guest cottage that includes a living room, full kitchen, two bedrooms, and bath. Inside the main house, residents shall enjoy “state-of-the-art modern amenities” including bathrooms that are sculpted with marble selected in Verona, Italy. Sounds exquisite, right? You couldn’t expect anything less from this couple!

This isn’t it, wait until you see the pictures and are left flabbergasted!

Brace yourself, because this is just the beginning

As good as it gets…

Beauty beauty everywhere!

Oh. My. God.


Stepping out of this friggin’ bathroom would be a task in itself!

*drools uncontrollably*

I’d rather not say anything now!

That view!

Just keep ogling, like I am.

 Well, well, well…..

While we are extremely happy for the family, can’t say anything about ourselves! Anyhoo, congratulations Beyonce and Jay-Z on this wonderful purchase!

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