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Bhanujeet Singh Says That Everything He Did Has Been A Landmark For Him


Jyothi Venkatesh

Bhanujeet Singh Sudan, who has been active in theatre as well, says that a good theatre background and acting courses help develop an actor. He adds that this makes sure to make your performances more natural. “I have done theatre from Yaatrilk group. I like people who get into their characters and then do their performance. They look very natural on screen. I didn’t do any acting course. But I have done theatre. I believe an acting course helps you as they teach you about dialogue delivery, camera, lighting, expressions and many other technicalities,” he says.

Talking about his own journey, Bhanujeet says that it has been a long and eventful one. “I started modelling in Delhi. My brother Indermohan Sudan was an established model so it was easy for me to enter the modelling industry. My first fashion show came on fashion TV too. Then, I got into bodybuilding and I started training girls for pageants. I did fashions too. I have done a fashion show inside Eiffel Tower. I have done the London fashion week. Then I played the role of Nihal in Bhabhi serial which was aired on Star Plus. Then my music videos like Tera Mera Pyaar and Yeh kya Hua. Everything I did has been a landmark for me,” he says.

The actor says that anyone coming into showbiz needs to be aware of the challenges that he will encounter. “I think people who want to come to this profession should think about the pros and cons of it. There are many ups and downs and many actors like Shahrukh and even Amitabh Ji have gone through these. People should think over it and then take their decisions. They should not follow the Bandwagon effect,” he says.

Ask him who he looks up to in the industry, and he says, “Shami Kapoor and Dilip Saha, Dharmendra sir. I think if we talk about fitness then I like Akshay Kumar. If you talk about expressions, then my favourite is Shahrukh Khan and if we look at dance, then Hrithik Roshan is the best.”

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