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Bhanujeet Singh Sudan Burned While Holding Nimrat Kaur, While Shooting For Music Video Tera Mera Pyar With Nimrat Kaur! 


Jyothi Venkatesh

Music videos have surely made a comeback now and this is making actor Bhanujeet Singh Sudan nostalgic. The actor, who shot a music video Tera Mera Pyar with Nimrat Kaur years back, says that the project was quite a turning point in his life. “That video was like a gift from God. It actually changed my life. As I came from Delhi at that point in time and in Delhi, I had done lots of fashion shows and all, so people there knew me. But when I came to Bombay, no one knew me.  I got really upset thinking that no one knows me here even though I had worked a lot in Delhi, that too with people from Bombay. Then this song happened. All my friends had auditioned for this song and so even I did the same. They told me that from the last 6 months, they were searching for the guy. They had already got the girl for the video long back. The song was really amazing. Initially, I took it very casually but then the video and the song went viral and it was a super hit,” he says. He adds, “It really helped me in my career because after this song I had got lots of recognition. Everybody used to tell me that I had done a fabulous song and that I will directly get a movie after that.”! The shooting of the song was also quite interesting. “Basically, there were two songs which were shot together. Apurva Asrani , the director was from London, VJ Andy was the choreographer and the producer was Parvez Kumar. Even he used to do shows in London. So, all these people were literally the best. The making of the song was amazing and I remember that we had a scene in the pool where I had to pick up Nimrat for 45 minutes and director had told me that her sari should not get wet. So, I was standing in a pond holding her for so long. My hands had become numb. There was a candle in that pond and the hot wax got stuck to my back and it was burning like anything. But I kept calm as the shot was going on and it was important to give the shot. So, this is something which I won’t ever forget that my back was getting burned and I was holding Nimrat Kaur for 45 minutes!” he says.

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