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Bhanujeet Singh Sudan Says That Nowadays Everybody Can Get Work 


Jyothi Venkatesh

Bhanujeet Singh Sudan says that with the advent of the web, getting work in showbiz has become easier. The actor adds that anyone can make a film for the web and many more aspiring actors are getting a chance to showcase their talent on the platform. “It’s all about evolution. Previously, only big names were able to work in the industry. But now anybody and everybody can get work. Now, on the digital platform, anybody can make a film, even with a smartphone and can gain attention. So it’s a good opportunity for aspiring actors,” he says.

The actor is yet to make his debut on the web. “I have never performed on the digital platform. I haven’t really for the right opportunity as yet. I guess, there is a big digital boom that has happened and it has both its pros and cons. I want to take up something worth my while,” he says.

Shows on the internet have bold content and while Bhanujeet has no qualms in performing these scenes, they need to aesthetically shot, he says, “If the scene is just cheap, then I am not interested. It has to be artistically justified in the story and shot well,” he says.

The actor is a fan of the medium and says that it has a bright future. “I think the future is the internet. People will watch programs only on the Internet. All the programs and shows will be on the internet in some time,” he says, adding, “After some time, people will watch less of TV, as everything is available on the internet. I watch serials in Voot, Zee5 and watch the news on other apps.”

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