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Bhanujeet Singh Sudan Says That Sometimes Overdoing It On Social Media Works


Jyothi Venkatesh

Bhanujeet Singh Sudan says that while social media is important nowadays for actors, it needs to be used carefully. “It has a mixed effect and needs to be balanced well. It has its pros and cons. It has opened new platforms for business but on the other side, it has become a big-time addiction. For an actor, social media is very important. It helps them in gaining publicity. More than publicity, you get more work and the reach of the audience will increase,” he says. Ask him if he feels that social media popularity has anything to do with an actor’s talent, and he says, “I don’t believe that social media has anything to do with an actor’s talent. It’s your acting skills that define you as an actor, not your social media followers. A person can have many social media followers but he may not have the craft of an actor. A balance of both talent and social media popularity can make actors life greener.” There are actors who over do it on social media. However, the actor says that at times, this works as well. “Some actors make everything public and they overdo it. The reason being is they want to be more famous and popular. Sometimes, it helps in making money as it your wider audience gives you a platform for brand endorsements. So sometimes over doing is helpful,” he says.

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