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“Bhonsle’s Silence Conveys The Depression And The Hopelessness Experienced By Today’s Generation”, Says Manoj Bajpayee

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Manoj Bajpayee said the character of Bhonsle represents the sentiments of today’s people and the times we live in. “Bhonsle’s silence conveys the depression and the hopelessness experienced by today’s generation. These are the people who have lost hopes from life completely and somewhere they feel they have failed themselves. I and Devashish had been working on the film for over 4 years and it got made due to the efforts of Sandiip Kapur, Abhayanand Singh and Piiyush Singh who chose to go to with his and Devashish’s vision and backed the film.

Director Devashish Makhija is excited about the premiere of his film Bhosale at the MAMI festival this year. Says Devashish, “MAMI has been a burst of energy with insanely long lines and high on passion viewers. The demand and response for our film Bhonsle has been manic and overwhelming. This kind of response makes the effort of making such a film worth it.”

Piiyush Singh, the producer of Bhonsle and founder of Indie Muviz says, “We are very excited with the response received by Bhonsle at MAMI. It’s a premium festival in India and such feedback encourages us as a production house to continue making such films which speak a global language.”

Sandiip Kapur, the founder of Promodome Motion Pictures and producer of Bhonsle says, “It’s a huge privilege that Bhonsle has been selected in MAMI. There are few things bigger than this for an independent film maker like me. I am feeling great and extremely proud of my entire team which includes Manoj Bajpayee, Devashish Makhija, the technicians and many others who have worked on the film”.

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