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Bhumi Trivedi, Rimi Sen, Salman Ali, Aaman Trikha, Jasleen Matharu And Talat Aziz Grace Announcement Of 4 Navratri


Jyothi Venkatesh

GoCeleb is the Game changer of Indian Entertainment Industry. It is an online artist ecosystem comprising of more than 2500 established and upcoming talents spanning across various categories such as music, models, actors, singers, sports, choreographers, DJs, Comedians, photographers, anchors and many more.Chirag Shah and Vinod Dhakre invited all the guest and artist at bhumi pujan of Navratri 2019 at Bangur Nagar ground. Bhumi Trivedi , Rimi Sen, Jatin Pandit, Arvind Vegda, Salman Ali, Milind Music Director, Jasleen Matharu, Nisha Upadhyay, MLA and Ex Mayor Shri Sunil Prabhu, Dr. Yogesh Lakhani of Bright Outdoor, Sunil Pal, Urvashi Solanki, Jash from USA, Akash Agarwal, Vipin Kaushik, Chandni , Nirali Fauzdar, Dharmesh Chauhan, Talat Aziz, Aaman Trikha etc attended the event. There was energetic performance by Khelaiyas from Surat and Baroda on songs sung by different artists.  Complementing the online talent booking portal are other two verticals of GoCeleb i.e. GoCeleb Club and GoCeleb Auction. Club Mahindra , Esdee Paints, Tirupati, Khushi Ambient , Bright Outdoor, Mid Day, Vyo , Ohana Health, AGS , Octiva Entertainment , India Absolute magazine, Box Cinema are partner in this grand Navratri. Grand Navratri will be in Mumbai, Surat, Baroda and Ahmedabad.

Rimi Sen & Chirag Shah
Nisha Upadhayay
Nirali Faujdar
Jatin Pandit
Bhumi Trivedi,Jatin Pandit,Rimi Sen & Rahul Pandit
Bhumi Trivedi,Nisha Upadhyay,Sheetal Mehta,Sunil Pal,Rimi Sen,Jasleen Matharu,Chirag Shah,Yogesh Lakhani & Aaman Trikha
Bhumi Trivedi,Rimi Sen,Rahul Pandit,Yogesh Lakhani & Jatin Pandit
Bhumi Trivedi
chandni,aaman trikha,bhumi trivedi,sunil pal,salman ali,rimi sen,jasleen matharu,akash agarwal,yogesh lakhani & chirag shah
Chirag Shah & Arvind Vegda
Dharmesh Chauhan,aaman trikha,bhumi trivedi,sunil pal,urvashi solanki,salman ali,rimi sen,jasleen matharu & chandni
Jasleen Matharu
Jatin Pandit,Chirag Shah & Jash
Arvind Vegda
Bhumi Trivedi,Aaman Trikha,Rimi Sen,Salman Ali,Yogesh Lakhani, Khalaiya
Arvind Vegda,Chirag Shah & Akash Agarwal
akash agarwal & chirag shah
Yogesh Lakhani,Chirag Shah,Sunil Prabhu,Rimi Sen,Salman Ali & Bhumi Trivedi
Yogesh Lakhani,Akash Agarwal,Jatin Pandit,Chirag Shah,Rimi Sen & Jash
Urvashi Solanki
Salman Ali
Rimi Sen

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