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Bigg Boss 1 Finalist & Marathi Actress Smita Gondkar Celebrated Two Seasons Of Bigg Boss Marathi

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Both Bigg Boss Marathi season 1 & 2 were one of the biggest and most ardently followed shows on TV . The reality show created a buzz amongst the fans because of its numerous twists, dramatic showdowns and unpredictable nature. Now that the show is over all the contestants have returned to their respective homes and lives.

Before getting back to their hectic schedule, Smita Gondkar created an opportunity and invited Bigg Boss 1 & 2 contestants to celebrate the success of both the seasons. Experiences of inmates and to party and share their experiences.

Usha Nadkarni, Resham Tipnis, Jasleen Matharu, Kishori Shahane, Shiv Thakre, Veena Jagtap, Vaishali Mahade, Heena Panchal, Sneha Wagh, Jitendra Joshi, Megha Dhade, Sushant Shelar, Madhav Devchakke, Astad Kale, Neha Shitole, Abhijeet Kelkar, Maithili Jawkar, Aaroh Welankar,  Tyagraj Khadilkar, Dj Shiezwood And Ajay Jaswal

Smita Gondkar said “What you learn in the show is something you carry with yourself throughout your life. It becomes an important part of your journey, which is why I wanted to celebrate it with each contestant & share their experience” further adding “Pepper & Pint is the perfect venue to celebrate. I love the food, the decor & the vibe. It’s perfect”

The guests were all praises of the venue and it’s arrangements at Pepper & Pint,  first ever lounge in Mumbai named after a food ingredient. The warm welcome by the staff of Pepper & Pint lent the guests their first few moments of comfort.

Pepper & Pint had specially curated an elaborated menu of traditional and contemporary mix of delights.

The food was a sumptuous layout of the best that can be imagined. It was a magical feast with the most delicious fare laid down in the most luscious manner.

Leena Jain, Owner of Pepper & Pint said “We are happy that Smita Gondkar chose us as her choice of venue to celebrate her evening. It gives us great pleasure to have our guests vest their trust in us with the greatest joys of their lives. Our vision is to continue to take every guest through an extraordinary memorable affair & to set exceedingly remarkable benchmarks for ourselves & the F&B industry”.

Smita Gondkar
Usha Nadkarni with Smita Gondkar, Aastad Kale, Resham Tipnis and Sushant Shelar
Veena Jagtap and Shiv Thakare
Maitthily Jawkar, Aastad Kale, Smita Gondkar and Tyagraj Khadilkar
Smita Gondkar with Megha Dhade
DJ Sheiwood with Ajay Jaswal
Resham Tipnis
Smita Gondkar with Jasleen Mathru
Smita Gondkar, Megha Dhade, Kishori Shahane
Abhijit Kelkar with Vaishali Mahade
Richa Ranwat with Smita Gondkar, Heena Panchal and Jasleen Mathru
Jasleen MAthru with Megha Dhade and Heena Panchal
Heena Panchal
Kishori Shahane
Megha Dhade
Maadhav Deochake
Maitthily Jawkar
Neha Shitole
Abhijit Awade
Jasleen Mathru Performing
DJ Sheizwood
Aaroh Welankar
Leena Jain with Kamlesh Gosia and Smita Gondkar
Kamlesh Gosia with Leena Jain and Smita Gondkar along with Big Boss Marathi Season 1 and Season 2 celebrities

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