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Bigg Boss 13: Dalljiet Kaur’s Is Being Herself In The Show, Says Pranitaa Pandit

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Jyothi Venkatesh

Pranitaa Pandit is confident that her friend, actor Dalljiet Kaur, who is locked up in the Bigg Boss house, will go a long way in the game. Pranitaa says that Dalljiet’s strongest quality is that she is a very nice person. “Dalljiet is someone who performs under pressure. She is a very strong girl. The best part about her is that she has fewer expectations and she is more giving. She is a very giving human being which is one of her best qualities,” she says.She adds, “Honestly, I was more nervous about her being in Bigg Boss than she was because it is a big platform and people are going to see her the way she is. I know she is very strong, sorted but also naive in a way. Though the last few years of her life have been so challenging that she has really evolved as a a human being.”The actor’s association with Dalljiet goes way back. “I have known Dalljiet for the past 12 years. I met her through Shaleen as I was doing a show together called Do Hanso Ka Joda. That’s how we met but somehow we kind of got connected and remained friends till now,” she says.

Pranitaa says that Dalljiet is not putting on a facade in the show. “I have been following Bigg boss and I feel that she is somebody who is not playing the game, she is just being herself and enjoying the journey. She is real, she is who she is, she is not acting or creating any unnecessary drama but yes, when required she will take a stand,” she says.The actor is a single mother and has done a great job with Jaydon, says Pranitaa. “I feel Dalljiet is a perfect mother. It’s not about how she is taking care of her child single-handedly and that’s what makes her special but actually what makes her special is the kind of love she has for her son and the kind of commitment she has in all her relationships which reflects very strongly in between her family. Her entire family has contributed a lot to Jaydon’s upbringing which is beautiful and it’s the best part about him being a part of our life. She is a very independent parent,” she says.

 She hopes that Dalljiet finds the perfect man for herself. “Being a single mother, she is also, of course, looking for somebody to share her life with. Though Jaydon is there and he completes her but at the same time if there is someone who understands her, loves her, it would be great. That space in her life is empty so she is looking for somebody who is sorted, giving,  understanding just exactly the way she is and that’s what we wish as friends for her that she should find somebody who looks for Dalljiet and understands her as a human being and not look at her as an actor or single mother or an independent woman. Somewhere down the line recognizes the child in her and loves that person,” she says.

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