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Bigg Boss 13’ Wild Card Shefali Jariwala Learnt To Cook For The Show

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Jyothi Venkatesh

Shefali Jariwala who recently entered the Bigg Boss house had to quickly learn the basics of cooking soon after she decided to be part of the show. Shefali has never cooked before and doesn’t like to enter the kitchen at home but at the Bigg Boss house, she knew she would have to cook at some point in time. Shefali learnt the basics of cooking which came as quite a surprise for hubby Parag Tyagi, he says “At first when I saw Shefali in the kitchen I was pleasantly surprised to see how she is taking an active charge in learning a new skill for her Bigg Boss stay, I saw the dedication of trying something new in her while she was cooking, but for our dismay, the finished dish was a disappointment” he laughs. In a show like Bigg Boss where any duty can be allocated to you, Shefali didn’t want to be unprepared. “I think Shefali has worked hard for her stint in the house and her self-honed cooking abilities will definitely help her survive any situation” the proud hubby concludes.

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