Bigg Boss 17: Orry's Banter, Munawar's Roast, Samarth's Antics

From Orry’s hilarious banter with Salman Khan to Munawar’s roast and Samarth’s antics, these 5 moments of Bigg Boss Season 17 cannot be forgotten…

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Bigg Boss 17 Orry's Banter, Munawar's Roast, Samarth's Antics

COLORS’ BIGG BOSS Season 17 recently surpassed the 60-episode mark, and we have to say that it has undoubtedly lived up to its reputation as a thrilling and intense reality show. Right from the beginning, this season has taken all the viewers on a wild rollercoaster ride, featuring physical fights, love triangles, and catfights that have kept them hooked to their TV screens. In fact, we’ve seen several massive fights, unending arguments, controversial moments, sparks of love and romance as well as emotional breakdowns. But here is a list of 5 of the most hilarious moments that occurred on the show that viewers will remember for years to come:

Munawar’s Roast Session

Recently, when Bigg Boss found the house lacking humor, he set about to change everyone’s mood by organizing a special show by comedian shayar Munawar. However, before the exciting show, a note appeared on the Glance Smart Lock Screen reading, “Dukaan khuli hai!! Kahi shabd bikenge, kahi sabziya” (The shop is open!! Some will sell words; some will sell vegetables). Munawar was then tasked with convincing people to attend his show, rather than spending money on the luxury store items and we have to say, it was a purchase no one regretted. He not only pulled off some wonderful and witty one-liners but his sarcastic jokes and roasts of fellow contestants made not only us but even the participants ROFL. In fact, he even joked about how despite Aishwarya not being in attendance, all Neil could do was laugh, even encouraging Munawar to continue. 

Chintu’s Chori

While there isn’t a singular moment that Chintu a.k.a Samarth Jurel will not make us laugh with his funny antics, the contestant surprised one and all with his habit of stealing. Whether it is ration or some exciting goodies, he is always seen stealing something. He’s been stealing so much that Bigg Boss even gave him his own task and displayed a riddle on the smart lock screen “Aaj to Chintu ka din hai.. aaj mohalle mai, danke ki chot par Chintu ki favourite activity hogi.” An entire task on the theme of cops and robbers followed, and Chintu was again the highlight of the activity.

Orry’s banter with Salman Khan

Internet sensation Orry, who originally came on to the show as a wildcard contestant, left everyone in splits with his interaction with Salman Khan. The two bounced off each other’s statements and Salman didn’t pull back any punches when it came to roasting Orry. From asking Orry about his job, to finding out that Orry has 5 managers and earns INR 20 lakh for one photo, Salman was speechless. However, Orry’s tagline of being a ‘Live-r” and taking in more than 5 suitcases for himself, made him ROFL and how! Sadly, it was revealed later that his stay at the Bigg Boss house was only planned for 2 days, and he exited soon after.

“Hmm yeah Dudette!”  

Neil and Khanzaadi have had several altercations with the housemates, but they came face-to-face a few weeks ago when the latter refused to listen and understand Neil’s point of view. Khanzaadi proceeded to laugh, and they both were seen yelling and taking sarcastic digs at each other throughout the entire argument. This ultimately drove Neil to have a breakdown and he tried to respond to Khanzaadi by matching her energy and snapping his fingers at her sassily. However, in a tongue-twisting moment, as soon as Neil in his anger addressed Khanzaadi as ‘dudette,’ everyone burst out laughing. In fact, Isha’s laughter and Aishwarya’s reaction made for an iconic moment. 

Jungle mai mangal 

The Just Chill segment has been entertaining the viewers over the last few weeks, but the best session had to be when The Glance Smart Lock Screen displayed a message that read as, “Aaj hoga jungle mai mangal, jaldi tayaar ho jaye.” Arbaaz and Sohail went on to host a Jungle-themed segment where the set-up was also given a jungle touch and so was the segment. In fact, Arbaaz and Sohail’s jokes on the contestants were non-stop tear-jerkers, leaving contestants and the audience with a smile on their faces.

While the hilarious moments grabbed everyone’s maximum attention, BIGG BOSS continues to capture headlines with its unique blend of entertainment and drama daily. With more than half the season left, we can be sure to witness more hilarious moments take place. So stay tuned and watch Bigg Boss every weekday at 10 pm and every Saturday – Sunday at 9.30 pm, only on Colors.


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