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Bigg Boss Contestants Welcome New Year Amidst Fight And Chaos


2020 is here and the contestants embrace it by wake up to new hopes. But even new beginnings could not hold them from fighting and bickering, as if its some vicious loop they cannot find a way out of. ‘Roti’ and ‘Duty’ continue to be the two important ‘Muddas’ of fights inside the house. The breakfast is delayed and Shehnaz tries to convince Rashami and Vishal to club lunch and dinner to which  Rashami opposes stating that this has become a trend in her captaincy. The duo also claims that breakfast is always skipped which hurts Mahira as she the one responsible for the duty. Objecting to the allegation, Mahira clarifies that she has been cooking breakfast every day on time and even making extra rotis for everyone. But that seems to leave Rashami and Vishal unaffected and the three get into a verbal spat, playing the blame game once again.

Later, Vishal gets upset when he finds out that there are only two parathas made for him instead of five and he questions Mahira. She states that as a process, only two parathas are being made for everyone for breakfast and asks him to make the parties himself if they aren’t enough for him. Adamant Vishal rebels by refusing to perform his duty of washing utensils. This creates havoc inside the house while captain Shehnaz tries to convince Vishal to perform his duties.

The first day of the year also calls for the nominations and Bigg Boss asks the contestants to put their thumb imprint on the face of the contestant they wish to nominate supporting it with a valid reason. Asim’s differences with Shefali Jariwal leads to her nomination wherein former states she doesn’t deserve his friendship. The nominations take an ugly turn when Paras nominates Shefali Bagga, Shefali Jariwala nominates Madhurima and Vishal nominates Mahira. Vishal calls Mahira ‘zero’ without Paras and as a payback, she nominates Madhurimam

The evening gets romantic thanks to the cute ‘Sidnaz’ moment. Shehnaz tries her best to get Sidharth to confess his feelings for her while Aarti joins in and questions them about each others’ likes and dislikes. Sidharth says that he likes Shehnaz as a friend, wherein Shehnaz says she likes everything about Sidharth and loves him, and that she wants a guy just like him. Looks like the new year is set to pave way for a new love story!

Will Sidharth convince what’s on his mind? Who will face the brunt of nominations this time around?

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