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‘Bigg Boss’ lovey-dovey hotties Nikki and Pavitra—naqli yaa asli aashiqui ?


Chaitanya Padukone

Invariably, in almost every past Bigg Boss season, home-viewers have been witness to the ‘khullam khulla prem-game silsila’ between male and female housemates. Except for stray authentic exceptions (like Yuvika and Prince Narula in BB-9) the mutual romantic passion and sizzle fizzles out, once the BB season is all over and the Winners are declared. As they say , raat-gayi-baat-gayi’ !

Nikki Tamboli cosying up to Jaan Kumar Sanu

This time in ongoing Bigg Boss-14, on Colors, the sultry South regional movies mega-star & svelte bombshell Nikki Tamboli has been grabbing home- viewers’ attention with her nok-jhok and coquettish banter with flirty singer Jaan Kumar Sanu. While tall ravishing TV star-model Pavitra Punia (of MTV Splitsvilla-3 and Naagin-3 fame) has been the centre of distraction with her vivacious wow looks and her cozy romantic overtures (lagg-jaa-gale) with housemate suave TV star Eijaz Khan.

Nikki Tamboli cosying up to Jaan Kumar Sanu–01

Incidentally, the spunky Nikki made an impact with her winning immunity twice to becoming the first Accepted Contestant of the house. Nikki has been the only person who has come out as a true BB contestant as mentioned by Seniors Gauahar, Hina & Sidharth as well as BB host Superstar Salman Khan.


Alongside Nikki, the stunning style-icon Pavitra Punia ( real name Neha Singh) had also performed exceptionally well in the immunity task & won it, but unfortunately the Seniors gave Nikki more preference.

Naughty Nikki is not just headstrong & competitive but she is also a full entertainment package with her constant outspoken banter with Jaan Kumar Sanu, whom she had initially bro-zoned (‘bhaijaan’) & now upgraded him to being a buddy-friend.

Pavitra P cozying upto to Eijaz Khan

The first nominations of the show had Pavitra Punia nominating Eijaz Khan and on the same day she showed her lets-hug-each-other advances towards Eijaz This made the other house mates sing & tease them since Eijaz was upset with her for nominating him & then trying to be a buddy-friend at the same time. Pavitra even boldly declared aloud —‘I don’t want to lose him(Eijaz)’

Since the first week, Pavitra kept telling the otherwise ‘gentle and soft’’ contestant Eijaz to show his real side, his aggressive attitude in the show This was also addressed by Salman Khan in the 1st Weekend Ka Vaar episode.

Romance is now rapidly blooming in the Colors BB-14 house air with both gritty oomph-girls Nikki and Pavitra stealing hearts & winning tasks and wooing the home-viewers as well.