Binaiferr Kohli: I have a dream project which I am in the process of giving shape to

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Binaiferr Kohli

Binaiferr Kohli and Sanjay Kohli are one the power couples of Indian television. The producer duo is behind many successful shows, mostly comedies. Their ongoing fictions, Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai and Happu Ki Ultan Paltan, under their banner Edit II Productions, are also doing extremely well. Binaiferr shares about their journey, starting from where it all started.

“I was one of India’s leading choreographer and Sanjay Kohli, my husband, was the number one model in the country as well as an actor. When Zee was launched, we were there from the beginning. So when we were asked to do a show, we were more than happy to do it and thankfully excelled in it too,” she says.

Binaiferr feels it’s the best thing to have her better half as her work partner too. “He is the strength of Edit II. The good thing is that when you have a family member along with you, it helps. We manage different departments and excel at it. And, we don’t interfere in each other’s department except for maybe a couple of suggestions,” she adds.


Showering more praises on Sanjay, she rightly points out that he is known as “the king of comedy”.  She continues, “Comedy is not an easy genre to play around with, whether you are an actor or a maker. One episode of comedy is like five episodes of daily soap. Since we have done daily soaps also, so we know. The challenges we face here are different from the challenges we faced there. One common thing is that you have to move with time, create new situations and not repeat the same thing again and again because it worked. We have to balance the comedy so it doesn’t become slapstick and doesn’t go over the top. These are difficult challenges we try to overcome every now and then. But we enjoy it. All thanks to Sanjay ji’s expertise, we have managed to do things in the right way.”

So how much humour do you need in your day-to-day life to stay charged? And Binaiferr smiles before adding, “Being married to a Punjabi I cannot handle anymore humour than it already is there in my life and in our shows. At times I feel there’s too much humour that cannot handle it, especially when the humour is aimed towards me.”


The cast of Edit II shows have always showered love and blessings on the couple and the team behind the camera. And, Binaiferr and company are grateful for it.

“The cast of my show shower great love and blessing especially on Sanjay ji because he is softer, while I am very strict as far as rules are concerned. I must add that it is because of these rules we were safe during Covid. I want to make sure that people come and get back home on time so that they can spend time with their families and other people don’t suffer because one person is unruly. Our cast and crew are very supportive. There is a reason why some are working with us for the last, 30-25-12 years. They are like our family. We are proud of them,” she says.

Ask her about the one dream project that they want to create and Binaiferr replies, “I have a dream project which I am in the process of giving shape to. We have been thinking and working on it for some time and happy that now we can say it’s coming to life. We are all very excited about it.”

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