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Binge Watch 10 Best Movies Of Arnold Schwarzenegger!


Jyothi Venkatesh

Arnold Schwarzenegger goes by many names, call him the Terminator, Arnie, Ah-nuld, the Governator, the Austrian Oak, Conan the Republican, the Machine. His name is synonymous for the action genre.
From a versatile career in machismo action, sci-fi, and even comedy, he’s racked up an impressive screen kill count over the years that just keeps growing. Arnold Schwarzenegger made The Terminator unforgettable and it made him a megastar. Now “he’s back” as the iconic character – going from Judgment Day to Dark Fate. The superstar is back to his legacy as Terminator: Dark Fate releases on 1st November.
Before we catch the much awaited action flick in theaters, let’s break down ten most amazing Arnold Schwarzenegger movies and binge watch them now when The Terminator is being released

1. The Terminator

The Terminator films, are the most defining films of Schwarzenegger’s body of work; the image of the shades-wearing, leather-clad cyborg, striding without end toward his target. There’s a “cool” factor to the Terminator figure: He looks like a rebel bad-ass. For all the Terminator fans the wait is over as Schwarzenegger is back to wreak havoc with Terminator Dark Fate releasing on November 1

2. Total Recall

While Arnold Schwarzenegger built his career through the action genre, and he found enormous success in the comedy department, it is ultimately sci-fi that has treated Schwarzenegger the best throughout the years. Undeniably, The Terminator movies have been the actor’s most lasting legacy in the history of cinema, but it is through Paul Verhoeven’s Total Recall that Arnold Schwarzenegger was able to package his talents in action, comedy and the sci-fi genres in a major way, resulting in a wildly satisfying thrill ride that you would expect to see between Arnold and the director of Robocop.

3. Predator

Another example of inspirational masculinity , Predator is an army movie that takes man vs. nature to the extreme when an elite soldier must battle an unseen foe in the jungle who is slicing, killing and skinning all of his men. In Predator Arnold Schwarzeneggar goes toe-to-toe with Kevin Peter Hall as one of sci-fi’s greatest monsters; none of Arnie’s contemporaries can claim that kind of awesome accomplishment.

4. Stay Hungry

Arnold, plays a free-spirited bodybuilder with the life goal of winning the Mr. Universe title. Schwarzenegger embodies chummy convivial warmth; he’s everyone’s friend. Whether he’s lifting weights or shredding on the fiddle, he’s a vision of good cheer, a magnetic field of joy you’re happily caught in.

5. Commando

From the quips to the explosive violence to the strongman pathos that drives the film’s bleeding anguish, Commando is a theatrical slice of cinematic splendor made even more gleefully over-the-top by Mr. Schwarzenegger. Commando is a whole lot of B-movie goofiness and it is made ever more enjoyable by Arnold Schwarzenegger

6. The Last Stand

The Last Stand, a tale of big crime in a small town watched over by Schwarzenegger’s guilty and world-weary sheriff, Kim contents himself letting Arnold be Arnold with no other pretense.

7. Pumping Iron

While Arnold Schwarzenegger has built an impressive cinematic resume in his fictional efforts, it should come to no surprise to know that, in real life, he could also be a larger-than-life figure with a lot of personality and charm to spare. That was made evident to film fans in the engaging documentary, Pumping Iron, which chronicled Schwarzenegger’s days as a bodybuilder, particularly as the young man made a name for himself as “Mister Universe.”

8. Conan the Barbarian

When you are playing a mythic figure, you need someone who can fill the screen and present his or herself in an extraordinary way. Bascially, you need an actor who is built to last and exceptionally charismatic. It was one of the first times when Arnold was really able to shine in a leading role. He really leans into the bravado, playing up the primitive man with a straight moral compass.

9. Twins

It wasn’t until Ivan Reitman directed Arnold in 1988’s Twins that the muscle-bound action actor could finally flex his funny bone, and he proved to everyone just how funny he could be. It is a surprisingly warm and winning comedy that helped pave the way for a comedy career for the action star, and a film that allowed Arnold to be more directly funny in the future, which added a heightened surrealism to the star’s films.

10. Maggie

Over time he has proven that he can be an excellent actor in the right project. In Maggie, he gave a deeply thoughtful and restrained performance as a father dealing with his daughter’s heartbreaking fate.

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