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The first time that I met the cute and beautiful Sara Ali Khan was when her mother Amrita Singh had come with Sara when she was just an eight-year-old kid to watch a foreign film at PVR Juhu and I bumped into her at the food counter. The eight years old was a bundle of mischief and I was sure that a day would dawn when she would be attracted towards stardom in a big way.

When Amrita alias Dingy had made her grand debut as a heroine opposite Sunny Deol in Betaab way back in 1984, I was one among the few journalists who were invited to interview her as well as Sunny Deol. Amrita, like Sara Ali Khan, is now, was also cute but she was a little bit boisterous. Thanks to my late friend Devyani Chaubal, who was Amrita Singh’s mother Sultana’s best friend, I used to bump into Amrita at various parties, both private as well as professional.

In fact, I had even spotted her flirting openly with cricketer Ravi Shastri even at a time when she was rumored to be having a fling with her leading man in Betaab- Sunny Deol but Amrita had coolly told me that I should not make a big noise about it as she was not serious at all either with Sunny or for that matter Ravi. And she was proved right when I came to know that she had secretly married Saif Ali Khan

What does Sara Ali Khan’s mother Amrita have to say on Sara and her performance in ‘Kedarnath’ .An extremely elated Amrita says that she had seen the film and that her daughter is very beautiful. She also urged the audience to pray for her kid.

On being asked to share his thoughts on his daughter’s entry in films with Simmba, Saif Ali Khan said, “I’m excited for her. When we got closer to her release, it was like it was my release. I was very confident she would be amazing.”

Like any protective dad, Saif had earlier expressed his concerns about Sara’s decision to join the film industry saying it worried him about the kind of relationships she would have and how she will deal with failure.

Sara Ali Khan once revealed that the best advice she ever received was from her mother Amrita Singh Speaking about the advice she has given her daughter for her debut, she stated that she just told her to work hard, give her best shot and always work with her head down and to stay grounded.

When asked who her biggest critic and style guru is, Sara Ali Khan said it’s none other than her mother, Amrita Singh. Sara reveals that her mother motivates her to look good and take care of herself. Says Sara,  “My mom always motivates me to be myself. She says that the world we live in has no place for you to be anybody else. You should be proud of who you are and continue to be who you are.”Sara Ali Khan and her mother Amrita Singh share an amazing mother-daughter bond. 

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