Birthday Special: He was the one who overcome Rati Agnihotri from the web of influence of Sanjay Dutt

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Some day when God asks for applications for the appointments of modern day genuine saint's, I would strongly advocate the case of Sanjay Dutt, who has lived the kind of turbulent life not even the most pious saint's must have not even faced in thier dreams.

Just think of the 13 years he spent in an out of prison

rati angnihotri sanjay duttJust think of his early life and how he was addicted to drugs even while he was in boarding school. Just think of the life he lived even when he was a leading star. Just think of the many battles he had to fight with his father over his alcoholism and drug addiction. Just think of the 13 years he spent in an out of prison. And just think of the many women who walked into his life and walked out for selfish reasons of their own....

Sanjay had all kinds of affairs of the heart with women like Tina Munim, Richa Sharma, who he married and had a daughter from, Rhea Pillai (who he also married and divorced), Madhuri Dixit and Nora Duraani.....

But not much has been talked about or written about when it comes to one of his most torrid affairs which was with Rati Agnihotri who was his leading lady in three films.

It was Rati who was more in love with Sanju than Sanju was with him.

publive-imageThis was a time when Sanjay was almost lost to the world of drugs, but Rati continued loving him madly and was even willing to give up her thriving career to marry him.

Her father knew about the hopeless affair and tried talking to Rati about the damage her affair with Sanjay could do not only to her career but also to her life. But Rati was still adamant and told her father (Pradesh Agnihotri) that she would only marry Sanjay.

When Mr Agnihotri had finished all his ways of convincing Rati that Sanjay was not the right man for her, he made his last desperate move....

If you still want to marry him, I will be the last father to come in between your love for him

publive-image Sanjay dutt, still from mera faisla

He hired a team of freelance photographers who's only job was to catch the moments and moods of Sanjay when he was lost in the world of drugs and had no control over his body or his mind. The photographs were turned into a shocking video and Mr Agnihotri showed the video to Rati. And after she had seen what her beloved Sanju was in real life, she was shocked beyond being shocked and Mr Agnihotri asked her, "do you still want to marry this man who has no hope? If you still want to marry him, I will be the last father to come in between your love for him ".

Rati called off all her shootings and within a matter of days, her father had arranged a very secret marriage ceremony which was conducted in an apartment called "Varun" in the compound of Janki Kutir where the Prithvi Theatre was. By that afternoon, Rati Agnihotri was Mrs Rati Virwani.

She had to give up her lucrative career and settle down to live life as a rich housewife. She soon had a son who was named Tanuj and within years after her marriage, life had become hell for her and there were huge fights which ended in police stations and ultimately ended up in a separation.


Rati, the girl who had done films with stars like Kamal Hassan, Amitabh Bachchan, Mithun Chakraborty and Rishi Kapoor besides Sanjay Dutt and Kumar Gaurav turned 60 on December 13. She still looks good enough and has the desire to make a comeback. Her son Tanuj Virwani is already a star on the rise. And Sanjay Dutt is married to Mannyata and they have twin sons in Sahraan and Iqra. And Sanjay has finally found the peace which he has been craving for all the sixty years of his tumultuous life.

Duniya O duniya, tera jawab nah

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