Kirron Kher Birthday Special: I have always loved being a 'housewife'

Kiran Kher, wife of actor Anupam Kher, talks about her life as a housewife and her husband's success

Kiran Kher believes that wives of actors often go unnoticed and their daily routine is never published

Kiran Kher is now active in the field of serials and theatre, after disappearing from the acting scene for a while

She is supportive of her husband's fame and feels happy and emotional about his success

Kiran Kher believes that the success of a husband is indirectly transferred to the wife in Hindu philosophy

She denies having any special contribution to her husband's success and says they make decisions together

Kiran Kher reveals that she does dress designing for Anupam Kher's films and encourages him to make his own decisions

She explains that she lost interest in acting after marriage but is now playing the lead role in a new play

Kiran Kher believes in caring for those who care for us and not getting caught up in society's expectations

She briefly mentions her previous marriage and separation, without going into details