Birthday Special: Ashutosh Gowariker, Hum Filme Bnayenge Jee Jaan Se

Ashutosh may have won countless national and international awards, including an Oscar nomination for his film Lagaan, but art director Nitin Desai – who has produced more than one film - Ali Peter John

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Birthday Special Ashutosh Gowariker, Hum Filme Bnayenge Jee Jaan Se

Ashutosh may have won countless national and international awards, including an Oscar nomination for his film Lagaan, but art director Nitin Desai – who has produced more than one film – spoke for Ashutosh during the shooting of Jodhaa Akbar (Jodhaa Akbar) - Ali Peter John


Akbar almost was also shot in his ND studio) That is more than any award-reward. he said “ It takes jigra to make such a film , it takes passion and passion to make such a film and I have seen these qualities only and only in Ashutosh Gowariker ”

Many times, knowing how only one meeting with someone turns into friendship and those friends bring big changes.

Aamir Khan and Ashutosh Gowariker , two young actors shooting for Ketan Mehta's Holi, became friends who changed the history of Indian cinema.

He started working on a script in which a cricket match is taking place between British soldiers and local villagers – who have been paid for absurd taxes by the British government .


The calculation of that script started pointing towards becoming a very big level film. Earlier there was talk that Aamir will direct that film but then it happened that Ashutosh will direct and Aamir will produce it under his banner Aamir Khan Productions.

Then what was it , Aamir and Ashutosh , two friends together , left no stone unturned in time , money or hard work and the film that was made out of this hard work was named Lagaan.

Then the same film was called a masterpiece , became a landmark. The result of this film was that Ashutosh was established as a great director and Aamir became known as a good producer. Both expressed that they do not back down from taking risks.

I don't even understand how their brain handles all this


Seeing Ashutosh, one can say that he loves history very much , watching his films also feels the same. He turns some pages of history, twists them and then does something amazing that history gets breath to live once again.

Whatever films he has made so far on the background of history, including Jodha Akbar , Mohenjo-daro and Panipat Hai. Hrithik Roshan who was playing the character of Akbar in Jodhaa Akbar once said , "I don't understand how Ashutosh's mind handles all this.


They spend so much money , so much discipline , so much effort in making these films where there is no guarantee that the money invested will come back. I pray that Ashutosh continues to make such films which give a new challenge to the artists , writers and the name of Indian cinema continues to rise.

I salute the spirit of Ashutosh. Not everyone can do like Hrithik expressed his thoughts about Ashutosh but everyone who works with him will care more or less. It was said at one place that " Ashutosh Gowariker is a combination of Mehboob Khan and K Asif of the modern era".

Ashutosh takes care of everyone


One of the major benefits of making historical films by Ashutosh is that hundreds , but sometimes even thousands, of men , women and children (artists) get decent work on good wages.

A horseman had said, " Nowadays no one asks for horses , both horses and humans are useless and hungry , it is Ashutosh who makes such films that everyone gets better. "

Ashutosh is also known for giving actors a role that no other filmmaker can give him. That's why he works in Ashutosh's film for far less fees which he gets from other filmmakers. Many heroes wait for such an opportunity.


Ashutosh has also given big actresses to the industry, including Aishwarya Rai , Priyanka Chopra's roles in which she gets better recognition as a better actress than a doll running after money.

But Ashutosh has also made light-hearted films , including Khele Hum Jee Jaan Se , What Your Raashi , and a few more, but these films were not as successful at the box office as his other big , historical films have been.


Ashutosh's previous film Panipat could not be successful but he is still planning another big , grand and more difficult film than the last.

Ashutosh was working on another new project which was the story of the woman who was the architect of the Lijjat Papad Movement , but then the lockdown came and not much could be known about that film.


He had also planned a film with Rajiv Kapoor, from which Rajiv Kapoor was about to return.

But then Rajiv died suddenly last week and his death reminds me once again that making a film is a very difficult task. But as Ashutosh said, “ Khele hum jee jaan se ” , then Ashutosh’s game of battling with films will continue.

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