Birthday Special: Sanjeev Kumar whose miserliness was questioned

Sanjeev Kumar, a celebrated actor, was known for his humility and generosity rather than miserliness, as some misconceptions suggested

Despite his success, Sanjeev Kumar lived a simple life in a two-bedroom house, prioritizing his family and close friends over material possessions

He declined offers for luxurious homes and preferred a modest lifestyle, showing his focus on relationships and personal values

Sanjeev Kumar's reluctance to attend parties stemmed from his preference for intimate gatherings with close companions, reflecting his introspective nature

The actor had a premonition about his early demise, a belief he shared with close confidantes, showcasing his introspective and philosophical side

Sanjeev Kumar's legacy as an actor was highly respected, with even legends like Dilip Kumar praising his talent and character

His choice to lead a simple life and prioritize relationships over wealth challenges the notion of him being a miser, highlighting his true nature

Sanjeev Kumar's refusal to demand high fees for his work and his generous support towards his family and friends demonstrate his kind-hearted personality