Birthday Special: The Merchant of Death Who Tried to Kill Tabassum

The article discusses the disturbing trend of spreading false death rumors about celebrities, focusing on the recent incident involving Tabassum

The author questions the motives of those who spread such distressing stories and highlights the impact on the families and individuals targeted

Tabassum, a well-known personality in her 80s, was the latest victim of these false death reports, adding to a list of celebrities who have been falsely rumored to have passed away

The author condemns these actions as heinous and calls for stricter measures to stop this harmful trend

The article emphasizes the need for legal intervention and societal action to prevent further spread of these damaging rumors

The writer expresses concern that if left unchecked, this trend could escalate into a widespread issue affecting the peace and well-being of society

The article urges for an end to this malicious game of spreading false death reports before it becomes a curse on society

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